Breeder Fuckers - because they fucking deserve it!

Breeders - 2024


Age: 28
Occupation: Swimming champion
Body type: Toned

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Hetero Leon has that handsome standoffish quality which commands all the attention around him as he wants people to admire his sexy body. What he needs is a hard lesson in absolute obedience! We train this teasing fucker to take it up the arse and pleasure our cocks!

Age: 30
Occupation: Policeman
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Police officer Ryan loves his wife more than anything and will do whatever it takes to get her back even if it means sucking our dicks like a back alley whore and getting viciously fucked for the first time!

Age: 31
Occupation: Construction worker
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Dave & Aaron

Straight tough lad Blake is a real mouthy bastard! We had a blast crushing this thug's ego while subjecting him to the most mind blowing physical and sexual discipline he's ever experienced. We get real physical and sweaty and the sadistic results are fucking horny!

Age: 18
Occupation: School Boy
Body type: Slim

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

Hetero schoolboy Rohan is pure as the driven snow and finds it an eye opening experience to be completely physically and sexually controlled by two experienced older men! Look at the shock on his face as we work open and ruthlessly pound his virgin arse!

Age: 27
Occupation: Office worker
Body type: Muscular

Topped by: Adrian & Dave

There's something about the smug look on handsome hetero Oliver's face that makes us what to take complete possession of his stunningly fit and well sculpted body!


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