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  We signed up to offer work experience and the local college immediately sent over a kid called Charlie. Politely spoken the naïve lad is very attractive prey, especially when he bends over in his tight uniform. We grab him and strip him completely naked before setting about inflicting exquisite pain and humiliation prior to taking his cherry, time and time again!  
Age 19, Student

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  Stripped of his school uniform, handcuffed & tied, nipples tweaked, cock manipulated till he's hard, gagged with his pants, naked body flogged, cock & balls pegged, virgin anus fingered and fucked.  
Added 14th January 2015

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Bright-eyed and bursting with enthusiasm, 18 year old schoolboy Charlie needs to learn what real work as an adult entails. At this time of his life all he cares about is playing football with his friends and spending time with his girlfriend. This promising boy is set to have a full and successful life. We need to show him what he was really meant for! Arriving for an unpaid internship at an office he knows nothing about he's thrilled to be taken on for his first position at a real company. The men show him around, but all is not as it seems. As soon as Charlie realizes something isn't right here it's too late!

Handcuffed and roped up to the ceiling he can do nothing to prevent the men peeling off his clean uniform till he's in nothing but his tight white pants. The nervous boy squirms from the touch of these confident men and says he'll get his old man onto them.

  This is the first time has touched his willy which he can't stop from growing erect as they tease and stroke it. His teenage body is highly sensitive and never been used for rough play. The men train him by flogging him till his torso glows red. His nipples and penis are pegged so he's aware of them every second. Parting his arse cheeks they slide their fingers into his sphincter widening his arsehole for the first time in his life. Adrian mounts the moaning lad sliding his cock in. Now the boy knows what it's like to have a man's hard penis up inside him. Charlie has his whole life to look forward to. Now it will be filled with sexual service to men!  


  Tied, pants taped to his head, fucked with a vibrator, electroshocks to cock and balls, tickle torment, supervised boot worship, made to fuck himself.  
Added 28th January 2015

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Young hetero Charlie needs to realize what a disgusting horny boy he is. His balls are constantly at work producing sperm and his whole body exudes a sharp masculine teenage stink of sex. His pants are wrapped around his head so his nose is embedded in the crotch where his dick rests all day leaking piss and precum. Trussed up like a present, this naked boy's hairy bum is enticing and ripe for plundering. A thick dildo is inserted up his pink arsehole while the boy moans piteously into his gag and the mattress. His butt is so tight that when ordered to hold the vibrator he can't help squeezing it out. The selfish fucker is taught a lesson as electro sparks are administered to the sensitive pink head of his dick and his full round balls. Every shock makes his body jolt and he's filled with fear about when the next zap will come.

  The dildo is rammed far up his arse so the straight boy knows what it is really like to be fucked deeply. Now that he's felt the terror of painful electro shocks he's introduced to a different sort of fear. A feather is dragged over the soles of his feet and sensitive insides of his thighs making him squirm. When tied and unable to stop this sort of torment it's absolute agony. Charlie is given a lesson in subservience. A hole in his pants is provided for his pink moist tongue to poke through and worship Dave's boots and lick them clean. The boy is then ordered to fuck himself with a dildo vigorously or he'll get more sharp shocks to the tender soles of his feet. Howling in desperation Charlie doesn't know if this will ever stop or last forever.  


  Tied in his school uniform, ballgagged, spanked, groped, arse and body flogged, erect nipples clamped, arsehole fingered, bastinado, arse filled with a vibrator.  
Added 11th February 2015

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Charlie has got some attitude. This petulant boy wants to stand around slacking off all day. Well we're going to give him his wish! Tied up in his cute school uniform he can't even move as his body is groped and used in any way we wish. His weighty ball sack and round arse feel so good over his shorts. With his shorts peeled down to reveal his tight white Y-fronts, he's experiencing the first shocking sensation of being turned into a sexual object. Now it's time for him to work! Each of his hands are placed over men's cocks so he can stroke them over their jeans. The lazy boy is rubbish at it! Charlie is shown what happens to lazy schoolboys. His pants are shed and his pert arse is given a hard flogging. Twirling around and tied to the ceiling the boy can't escape the lash which makes his bum and torso flare red.

  The boy's eager young cock is bound tightly. His nipples are manipulated into going erect by rubbing them with ice cubes. Now that they are pointed and firm they are ready to be clamped with bells. The strain of being suspended from the ceiling is getting to him and it's made even harder when one leg is tied up by his thigh. Now he can only balance precariously on one foot while he's dealt more of a flogging and his arsehole is invaded. Charlie feels the real agony when a cane is taken to the sensitive soles of his feet making him howl. This innocent boy feels his g-spot stimulated for the first time as a vibrator is rammed up his hole. It buzzes away on his insides while he hangs suspended and exhausted feeling his cock bound tightly.  

  Made to flaunt his body and arse, leashed, boot worship, cock and balls crushed underfoot, cig ash in his bare hand, arse caned, fucked, sperm-covered buttplug jammed up his arse, testicles clamped.  
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This insolent boy thinks being an intern is all about making tea and surfing the internet. It's time to put Charlie to work! Strutting around the office all day in nothing but his tighty whities wiggling his bottom to tempt the boss. He's given a stern lesson in how to serve with verbal and physical corrections made when he disobeys. On his knees he's ordered to point his arse up like a proper slut. His face is jammed in a man's crotch to nuzzle his growing erection.

He's ordered to kiss and lick the filthy boots of his new master. His eager pink tongue slides between the grooves of the boot's sole so his mouth is fouled by all the grime. Dave puffs away and ashes onto the boy's outstretched trembling palm. Charlie is given sharp whacks to his arse when he doesn't clean his masters' boots properly. His hand is rubbed against


Adrian crotch to get him really hard, then he's on his back and ordered to pull his arse cheeks apart. His tender purple sphincter is on display, presented for the men standing over him to screw him hard and deep.

The men take turns plunging into him letting him experience what it feels like to have a man's stiff erection sliding into his hole and big full balls slamming against his bare bum. Charlie's hairy twat is sprayed with sperm so his sore arsehole is dripping wet. Dave coats a butt plug with his jizz and slides it up his hole so his anal cavity is thoroughly coated in man juice. To keep this intern in place his balls are fixed in a clamp so he's unable to move without causing immense pain to his knackers. Charlie moans pitifully under his gag intensely-aware of every second that ticks by on the office clock.



  Tied and gagged, face covered in spit, flogged, feet mercilessly tickled & caned, arse spanked, uniform torn off from his body, anus fingered, electro shocks to cock, arsehole stretched with vibrator, fucked and arse covered in cum.  
Added 1st April 2015

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Dressed in his uniform you can imagine this straight boy being the bully of the school. When he's around older superiors he's nothing but polite “Yes sir… no sir” but his true nature is a homophobic bastard that likes to dominate and mock those he feels are beneath him. Now the tables are turned and he's trussed up with his legs in the air and his arse pointed invitingly up. Faced with the men intent on dominating Charlie his real attitude emerges as a venomous bad-mouthed cunt. He's taught proper respect by a man who gobs directly in his face. Ingeniously cruel discipline is administered as his arse and balls are flogged in between wickedly cruel tickling to the sensitive soles of his feet.

His bottoms are ripped away to reveal the hairy bare thighs, clenched sphincter and tight balls of this boy. It gets our cocks hard seeing his genitals so exposed while his tie and neatly ironed shirt gets crumpled up.


Charlie moans pathetically as his arse is beaten till it glows pink and his arsehole is fingered. His hairy bottom has the most inviting school locker room stink which becomes even more intense the more his bottom is fingerfucked. The boy's pride and joy is taken in hand as sharp electro shocks are delivered to his shaft and the pink head of his cock which glistens with a drop of wetness. His arsehole is stretched open with a vibrator inserted deep inside him. He's ordered to hold it inside or he'll get a real cock up his bum. Charlie struggles desperately to clench his arse but it's so tight it pops out. He's sealed his own fate! The hetero bastard is given a merciless arse-splitting fucking that he'll never forget! The boy is left weeping with sperm dripping down his sore bumhole.



  • Erection in business suit
  • gagged
  • cuffed
  • sphincter loosened
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • face covered in piss
    Added 22nd May 2019

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    Eager young professional Charlie spends all his time on dating apps looking for hot chicks to bang. So when he sees a job opportunity to work on an exciting new hook up app he jumps at the chance. This could be his shot at the big time starting in business while also getting his cock wet! This hyperactive hetero gets so amped chatting about the filthy pussy that turns him on he grows a big stiffy in his trousers. But when boss Adrian starts to get handsy the straight bastard becomes shy. Luckily he's already downed a special brew to make him docile and dopey. This combined with restraints means he can only feebly protest as his stiff cock is yanked out of his fly. His trousers are whipped down and his hairy arse is invaded. Nothing feels as good as stretching open Carlie's virgin pussy and fixing a big dildo up his arse. With his arse filled he's sprawled across the office desk and permanently shamed as the boss unleashes a stream of urine over his sweet proud face!





  • Tied
  • gagged
  • nipples clamped
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse rammed with a dildo
  • dick manipulated
  • ruined orgasm
    Added 5th June 2019

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    Sexy young straight prick Charlie is strung up naked in a very vexing position. His legs are spread just enough so that every time he kicks his legs out he inadvertently flashes his pink anus turning us on even more. The feisty fella has a supple sporty body and tempting whirls of dark hair on his chest and in his pits and the crack of his arse. He's got plenty of fight left in him, but he grows increasingly terrified as Dave binds Charlie up so he's in constant excruciating pain and sharply aware how vulnerable his genitals are. All he can do is watch helplessly as Dave gobs on his arse and uses his fingers to pry open his hole until it looks like a sloppy slutty cunt. His sphincter is wrenched open with a big thick dildo and a deep hard mechanical fucking. Charlie moans pathetically thinking there can be nothing worse than having his arse so viciously torn into. But then he must endure the humiliation of having his dick manipulated till he's hard and made to spill his rich sporty spunk. At the same time his nip clamps are whipped off causing the most intense pain and ensuring that every orgasm he has from now on will be associated with this wretched agony and humiliation.





  • Chained naked
  • mouthspreader
  • cock sucking training
  • gags on a stiff dick
  • nipples pegged
  • total degradation
  • dog training
  • arse flogged and filled with his own piss
    Added 19th June 2019

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    Straight boy Charlie is in a truly sorry and overwhelmingly degraded state. Normally he spends all his time swanning around town with his mates, fucking whores and partying. But here this playboy has been turned into a cock slave gagging on every dick shoved down his throat till he hurls all over himself. Kneeling in a puddle of his own filth he desperately struggles to service Adrian's erection because he knows there will be punishment otherwise. But Charlie has to do fucking better than that! He must suppress his bodily reactions and be completely submissive. He's led around naked and trained to serve at the total expense of his comfort and pleasure. Even when he needs a piss he must plead for respite and to his utter humiliation he's ordered to lift is leg and urinate into a bucket. His own stinking piss is funnelled into his gaping sore arsehole. He's made to feel all the pressure and pain of that filth trapped in his guts while his servility continues and his arse is beaten. Every second of this degradation feels like an eternity and Charlie must learn that this is his life from now on!





  • Bound
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  • used as fuck toy
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  • arse belted and screwed
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    Added 3rd July 2019

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    Adrian has arranged a treat for his mate Dave. Straight boy Charlie is gagged, tied up naked like a piece of meat and left under wraps till Dave's ready to use his holes. His hetero bum hole is plugged up waiting for dick. The disorientated terrified lad's gag is ripped off and Dave plunges his dick in his new bitch's gob ramming his skull. Charlie's eyes roll in his head as he's stunned by the persistent pounding down his throat. The stupid cunt only whines how he's straight so Adrian's going to treat him like a boyfriend and 69 him. He makes Charlie bury his face in his crotch sucking Adrian's dick and pushes his head down till Charlie desperately gags for air. The dumb slut struggles to deep throat so receives a merciless beating to his arse. Now that his arse is tenderized Dave power fucks him while Charlie weeps and struggles to suck dick. Dave rams Charlie's arse while he's still on all fours giving Adrian a close up view of this hetero boy being bred. As soon as Dave sprays his load all over Charlie's sore arse Adrian gets a wicked idea and uses Dave's spunk as lube to fuck the bastard's hole. All Dave's cum is rammed deep inside his guts while Charlie desperately sucks clean the dick that just fucked him. Now this sweet young hetero has been turned into a gay slut inside and out!





  • Tied
  • humiliated
  • groped
  • arse spanked
  • flogged
  • paddled
  • made to lick a man's arsehole
  • face covered in piss
    Added 17th July 2019

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    When Charlie first walked in here looking for a job he was all manners but now he's showing how he's really a mean little cunt. Tied naked to a frame with his meaty bum pointed in the air his only way of fighting back is to insult Dave and promise revenge. We want this homophobic twat to willingly stick his tongue in a man's arsehole but Charlie believes himself above this faggot behaviour. This proud straight bastard needs to learn he's in no position to negotiate. Until Charlie submits his pristine manly bum is going to receive Dave's most vicious discipline. He cries out and weeps as he receives a severe lashing. It sends him into such shock that his body viciously trembles with the pain. When Charlie can't take anymore he finally bends... and by bend we mean shoves his face into Dave's stinking arse. Dave revels in being tongued by this hetero boy and rubs his arse all over Charlie's humiliated face. The bastard reels from the taste of a man's bumhole on his tongue so Dave kindly washes it off unleashing a stream of piss all over the boy's proud features. He's not such a smug cocky fucker anymore!





    Charlie is new to the business, but he's an enthusiastic
    heterosexual performer. Having expanded his sexual
    experience he's happy and proud of the results.