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  Roped, gagged, arse belted, arsehole stretched wide open, ice water enema, verbal humiliation, made to rim and suck a man's cock.  
Added 28th June 2017

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There's really nothing like staring a straight man directly in the eyes while groping his hard sexy body and telling him what a stupid fucking cunt he is. Chris' arms and legs are roped up so well he can do nothing but struggle and flail about. But his arse and big heavy nut sack belong to us now. We can spend as much time as we want inflicting all our dark fantasies upon his hot body and get as nasty as we desire. Chris is full of spit and fight but all he can do is pathetically moan as we whip his arse till it's blazing red and sore. His arsehole is so tight and pristine we get massively horny ruining it. First we ram our fingers up there to stretch his sphincter till it's sloppy. Then we use a speculum to fix it open and pour freezing cold water into his anal cavity. All that wash is fixed inside him with a butt plug inserted up him. This causes indescribable pain as the internal pressure is so intense.

He's warned to keep the plug in his arse or there will be dire consequences. Dave squats over his face and orders him to rim him and suck Adrian's cock or else he's going to receive more whacks to his blistering sore arse. This feisty prick will learn to sexually service men or his discipline will never end. Judging by the way he begs us to make it end it's safe to say we've broken this bastard for good.


Chris is the kind of straight stud we dream about and we couldn't wait to break him in. This confident performer has only ever been dominant so switching to submissive is a real challenge. He takes what we give him and with an arse as sweet as a fucking peach we tear into him without mercy.


  Bound naked, CBT, balls leashed, nipples clamped, arse rammed with a dildo power fucker, bastinado, supervised douche, butt plug, arse belted.  
Added 21st June 2017

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Hetero Kirk has no idea the wickedly fiendish things two sadists can do to his naked body. We administer his punishment and give him a lesson in absolute agony, making him experience excruciating sensations he never even imagined could exist. Kirk's balls are trapped so they are bulging fully. His dick is incredibly tender from the chopsticks crushing his shaft. We fix clamps to his nipples and his genitals all the way down to his taint so each of these erogenous zones is highly sensitised to the slightest flick of our fingers. We drive into Kirk's arsehole a thick dildo attached to a power tool to screw him hard and deep and stretch his sphincter wide open. Dave simultaneously twists his swollen genitals and canes the sensitive soles of his feet. The stupid straight cunt is totally overwhelmed as the vicious punishment comes at him from all angles. It's obvious his arse is filled with cum and filth when the dildo is pulled out so we clean him out with a cold water douche.

  Once his anal cavity is filled with water it's held inside him with a butt plug. The internal pressure from this is excruciating but we heighten the crippling sensation even more by beating him mercilessly. With every muscle in his body strained to breaking point clenching against this vicious discipline the butt plug pops right out causing a tidal wave of water to gush from his arse. We continue with the verbal punishment along with lashing him so that Kirk realises his pain will be constant and never end.  


Kirk gets up to kinky domination in his heterosexual personal life, so we think it's only fitting he should take it from the other end when coming to earn money by working for us. He's an excellent flexible performer who we're always eager see back in our debauched den.


  Bound and shackled, verbal humiliation, arse spanked, paddled and belted, butt plug, cock sucked, fucked, drained of his cum.  
Added 14th June 2017

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Sexy straight cunt Chris has a set of knackers that should be on display at all time. Stripped down stark naked with his arms tied behind his back and his ankles locked in a leg spreader his body is primed for our sadistic pleasure. His junk dangles between his thighs as if he were a pathetic beast up on the auction block. Chris' pert tight arse points out for discipline and training. His sensitive cheeks flare red after only a slight amount of bare handed spanking so any punishment after this is fucking agony for the whimpering blonde prince. His rump is beaten till he's howling beneath his gag and desperate for it to stop. Chris' prick is expertly sucked so he can't stop himself from going a big fat stiffy. At the same time Adrian screws him in the rear causing a total headfuck for this straight bastard. He weeps ferociously knowing that forever more he'll be known as the biggest bender around.




  Tied by wrists and ankles, gagged, foreskin clamped, cock manipulation, fucked with a giant dildo, arse belted, milked of his semen, ruined orgasm.  
Added 7th June 2017

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Kirk is one tough strong bastard, but all his might and muscle can't break him free from the ropes holding him down on the discipline block. We teach this disrespectful hetero fucker some manners! That big muscular arse of his pointing up looks so hot especially when his tighty whities are rammed right up the crack to rub against his arsehole. His pants are destroyed leaving him buck naked. His dick is drawn back between his legs with a clamp on his foreskin. Kirk is in agony as he can't move without causing himself considerable pain to his most tender bit. Adrian and Dave wank his cock and Kirk can't do anything to stop himself becoming aroused with their devilish manipulation. His cock is made even stiffer in a suction device while his arse is filled and fucked. Kirk nearly chomps through the bit in his mouth, drooling away like a chained beast.

  He can't prevent himself being stimulated to orgasm while he receives a torrent of arse punishment. He weeps and howls as his precious sperm fills the container. This straight cunt will never enjoy an orgasm again!  



  Cuffed naked, reduced to tears, blindfolded, breath control, cock sucking training, shock collar around his balls, evil punishment, sneakily fucked from behind, spitroasted, gob filled with cum.  
Added 31st May 2017

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Tough hetero bastard Chris has moved from the venomously enraged phase to the self pitying phase! All his life he's had it easy: privileged, handsome and athletic. Now he's been turned into a cocksucking whore and it's made him snivel and feel sorry for himself. We'll make this cunt truly sorry! He's stripped down stark naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. His rippling muscular body is on fine display along with his big pendulous dick and massive balls. This is a fine straight specimen, but his job from now on is servicing dick and he needs to learn how to pleasure men. He's give a hard lesson in going down on cock with punishment of a firm grip around his neck or an electro shock to his nuts if he doesn't do it properly. When he's learned how to really wrap his lips around dick, Dave surprises the blindfolded fool by ramming his cock up his arsehole.

  Dave simultaneously fucks Chris from behind while he continues to give head. Now he knows what it means to take multiple anonymous cocks. Watch Chris being humbled and trained in how to be a desperate slutty bitch!  



  Bound naked with legs akimbo, CBT, gagged, arsehole stretched open with mechanical dildo, caned, hot wax poured on his sore arse and genitals.  
Added 24th May 2017

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We've really riled this angry fucker! Look into hetero Chris' eyes and you'll see hot burning hate! He is tied down in the most vulnerable position imaginable. His arse is spread with his sphincter fully on show and his heavy balls and cock flat against his taut stomach. He uses every muscle in his body to fight against his restraints but there's nothing he can do from having his genitals taken in hand and bound by Adrian. There's no escape and all Chris can do to communicate his resistance is stare at Adrian with thunder in his eyes while moaning under his gag. With his genitals all bound up tightly they become so incredibly sensitive the lightest brush against them causes him searing pain. Chris has a uniquely large set of clangers it feels so fucking good to tie them up and emphasize their size. With his dick and balls painfully leashed Adrian uses spit to lube up his hole and plows into his arse with a giant dildo.

  While his hole is being stretched as wide as possible Dave viciously whips his arse cheeks with a cane. His arse is burning with pain so he strains as much as he can to cover it nearly ripping off his cock and balls in the process. To crown off his exquisite pain hot wax is poured over his raw smarting arse and balls. Chris is still raging shouting beneath his gag. His pristine straight arse has been irrevocably destroyed!  



  Gagged, tied naked, arse and body flogged, caned, bastinado, arsehole fingered and dildo fucked, made to piss himself.  
Added 17th May 2017

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Max's pristine boy body is fully exposed as every limb is tied to the wall. The straight fucker has quite a mouth on him shouting a stream of homophobic insults. Dave silence Max by stuffing a gag in his mouth. Time to teach this bastard some manners! Dave beats his arse with a flogger making Max leap about like a madman, but this isn't the real punishment. Oh no! Adrian wants to inflict a sadistic caning to the tender soles of Max's feet. If he doesn't compliantly raise them for his beating Dave will drip burning hot wax all over his burning sore bum. The mental anguish doesn't end there because then Max must choose the level of caning taken in an evil numbers game. The candle is placed under Max's cock. His arse is spread open and pounded till the angry straight teen unleashes a stream of piss to extinguish the flame. Max utterly humiliates himself with his shrivelled dick dripping piss and he weeps like the sorriest fuck alive.



Max wants to expand his sexual experience by performing in our hardcore BDSM video. For a young 18 year old straight man he's full of eager confidence!


  New boy tricked, arms bound, gagged, subdued, pinned down and stripped, virginity stolen, tag-team fucked, arse crack and hole covered in cum.  
Added 10th May 2017

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Athletic heartthrob Chris has it easy in life. Heterosexual. Classically handsome. Excels in every sport he tries his hand at. He flunked every subject at school, but who cares? Everyone desires him and wants to fuck him so he easily passed. Now he's in the real world, needs a job and things aren't so easy anymore. He applies to our job advertisement looking for a starting position and he needs someone to give him a break. He thinks Adrian will be a soft touch, but soon finds the tables turned as he's secured down and given a swift punch to his pretty face. There's nothing sweeter than ripping down the trousers of a straight boy that's never been touched by another man. Adrian tears into that luscious sporty bum of his and pops Chris' cherry. Dave enters and the infuriated athlete moans beneath his gag, but he finds no help forthcoming from Adrian's wicked cohort.

  Adrian and Dave take turns ramming their stiff cocks into Chris' arse till his sphincter is stretched wide and loose. It's so fucking hot drenching this golden boy's perfect arse with semen!