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  We are thrilled to be working with handsome new performer Oliver who is completely straight but eager to explore his limits. He embraces the challenge as we work over his body and arse! The results are fucking fantastic!   
Age 27, Office worker

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SESSION SIX              

  • Grabbed from his office building
  • stripped
  • nipples clamped
  • cock and balls pegged
  • flogged
  • arsehole stretched
  • fucked with a fat dildo
    Added 17th June 2020

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    Handsome businessman Oliver is on his way to an important meeting. He spends his days wheeling and dealing, working out at the gym and then partying hard by splashing his cash and screwing chicks. Straight men like this feel so confident and self-assured it's like he owns the world and any little delay is a horrendous inconvenience. But Oliver's secure little reality is destroyed in a moment when we engineer his capture and drag him down into our lair. Now his healthy masculine body completely belongs to us! Cuffed to the ceiling he can't do anything to stop us from systematically stripping him and greedily groping his warm hard muscles and that fucking sweet big bulge in this trousers. He's full of fury and venom cursing us until he realises how terrifyingly vulnerable he is now that he's completely trapped and we've got hold of his dick. Look at the way all that gooey fragrant precum pools in his foreskin! What a fucking slut!

      For such a cocky bastard he turns out to be a pathetic coward. As soon as we apply some pressure clamping his sensitive nipples and pegging his bits the overwhelming humiliation causes tears to run down his face. We make him spin and put on a nuddie show while we mercilessly flog him. We want to see Oliver stick his arse out like a proper slag and when that bum is pointed upward we slide into his virgin hole stretching open that sphincter. He desperately tries to resist but we hungrily crack open his tight arse and drive a big fat dildo up him. The fragrant smell of a straight man's bum fills the room and with the dildo secure in place we let him stew in his total shame. Now that he belongs to us he won't be making it to that board meeting after all!  


    We are thrilled to be working with handsome new performer Oliver who is completely straight but eager to explore his limits. He embraces the challenge as we work over his body and arse! The results are fucking fantastic!

  • Cuffed naked on his knees
  • face and body covered in piss
  • arse belted
  • cock sucking training
  • ordered to suck two dicks at once
  • made to piss while giving oral
    Added 1st July 2020

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    The trouble with sexy young hetero Oliver is he still thinks he's the fucking boss. The only way to break his mind is to systematically dehumanize him. Stripped of his clothes with his hands cuffed together, he must kneel and await our orders. Seeing him down on his knees he looks like a urinal so we relieve ourselves all over his body and face covering him with our warm stinking piss! We expect this obedient lad to now clean our dripping cocks but he stubbornly refuses. We know how to make this disobedient cunt obey! That smooth perfect arse of his needs a good lashing. He may pretend to be a tough macho thug but he's really a pussy because it only takes a few smacks with our leather flogger to make him submit. Soon enough he's pleading to suck our cocks but we continue thrashing him to make him utterly desperate.

      We instruct him in the art of serving dick making sure he uses his tongue to lick all around our piss slits and swallow our cocks to the root! Oliver is completely overwhelmed as we both shove our dicks in his gob simultaneously stuffing his mouth full. In his shame and shock he releases a stream of piss into the bowl while he's busy sucking away. The hot fucker is totally humiliated as he's been successfully turned into our cheap dirty whore!  


  • Restrained
  • groped
  • fucked with a vibrator
  • manipulated into growing a hard cock
  • arse caned
  • electro shocks to his balls
  • fucked while being mocked
    Added 15th July 2020

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    If we're going to make a bundle whoring out this sexy straight bastard we need to build up his social media profile. That means we need hot, cutting edge material for the punters. So we tie him up in a position which shows of all his best assets including that washboard stomach, fat cock and pristine arse! Adrian presents his bits for the camera while Dave takes pics and films Oliver's naked body. The furious hetero can't do anything to stop this relentless exposure! The only thing Oliver can do to hide his shame is angrily shake his head and turn away from the glaring camera lens. Most humiliating of all he can't control his dick from getting rock hard as his anus and g spot are stimulated with a buzzing vibrator shoved up his back door. What this slut needs is a stern dose of discipline so we demonstrate how potential clients can cane and punish this straight cunt. When that sloppy loosened arsehole becomes too tempting, Dave can't restrain himself any longer and drops his trousers to fuck Oliver. It's only fair that we fully sample the goods before selling him on!



  • Restrained in a jock strap
  • arsehole stretched with a big dildo
  • ruthlessly fucked
  • gob in his face
  • covered in piss
    Added 29th July 2020

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    Athletic straight man Oliver is skilfully restrained in nothing but a pair of sheer white shorts and a jock strap. It's such a turn on watching his muscular body struggle in place as he can't stop us from prodding around his arse yanking those straps up his crack to wedge against his arsehole! He struggles and his bound hands flail about helpless to prevent us from tearing his paltry covering away till he's stark bollock naked. Dave lays into his arse splitting his tight hole open while Adrian thrusts his stiff dick in Oliver's face. All his tears and saliva seeping out only serve as lube to moisten his new owner's erection which Adrian promptly thrusts up his widened arsehole. He ruthlessly fucks him till Oliver is burning in anger and shame. To cool him off Dave kindly whips his cock out to water him down with a fresh fountain of piss!



  • Shackled to a discipline bench
  • groped
  • sphincter stretched
  • cock sucking training
  • arse flogged
  • fucked
  • spit roasted
  • arsehole covered in cum
  • sperm fucked up his arse
    Added 12th August 2020

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    Tanned muscular Oliver's body looks sexiest when he's bound and struggling. Clamped down to our discipline bench in nothing but his tight white pants, this straight boy is enraged. This is an entirely different position from his high powered office chair where he's a figure to be feared and respected. Here Oliver's only worth is as a bum whore and cock sucker. Adrian destroys his pants and takes gleeful pleasure in pushing into his tight precious arsehole to stretch him open. When a hard dick is thrust in his face this hetero's instinct is to recoil but after several hard lashes from Dave's flogger Oliver will do anything to make the pain stop. He's taught how to go down on a dick while retching and weeping in fury. Little does he know he's exciting the dick which is about to fuck him! His cock sucking training is taken to the next level as he's ordered to pleasure Dave's dick while Adrian plows into his arse.

      Oliver is totally overwhelmed as he's penetrated at both ends. Adrian shoots his load all over the bastard's arse. While the straight boy is still trying to catch his breath Dave takes him from behind, fucking Adrian's cum deep inside Oliver's arse. The sperm drips down Oliver's tight pink ball sack as he's ruthlessly fucked. Dave shoots a fresh load of cum all over the cunt's achingly sore arsehole. Still shackled in place, Oliver's degradation and fury has reached new heights as he's now a sweaty spunky mess!  


  • Stripped
  • restrained
  • ruthlessly groped
  • flogged
  • CBT
  • humiliated
  • dick manipulated
  • ruined orgasm
    Added 16th September 2020

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    This tough hetero fucker likes spitting words such as “perverts” and “faggots” at us. But being strung up with his arms and legs restrained in nothing but his little tight pants he doesn't have any choice about who plays with his cock and balls or who fondles his arsehole, does he? We give this bastard exactly what he deserves beating him and restraining his genitals so he feels the constant pain of having them weighed down. That soon changes his tune! It's too late for Oliver's pleading. We get turned on disciplining this sporty bitch. We take control of his dick using a vibrator to stimulate him to the point that he can't help growing a massive hardon. He fights with all his might to resist the stimulating sensations but he's overcome by a powerful need to cum. Only exactly at the point of cumming his dick is released causing every muscle in his powerful frame to contract with the desperate need to empty his balls.

      It's complete agony for this straight fucker. And Adrian enhances his suffering teasing his achingly sensitive glans! The bastard will never have a satisfying orgasm again!