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  Straight young Kris innocently arrives for a menial job and instead finds himself initiated with the most debauched gay discipline imaginable. We seize control of his arse, utterly humiliate him and claim his virgin hole for our own!  
Age 22, Office boy

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callum'S SESSIONS AT A GLANCE        
SESSION ONE              

  • Cuffed
  • gagged
  • clothes destroyed
  • whipped with a riding crop
  • arse paddled
  • supervised arse cleaning
  • humiliated
  • nipples pegged
  • CBT
  • arsehole filled with a butt plug
    Added 13th September 2023

    Video 25:00       101 Pictures



    Handsome young Kris is looking for work experience. We've got a job that he's amply qualified for! We lure the sexy fucker into our lair when he's fresh out of bed. With his mussed hair and his unwashed masculine body we're salivating at the prospect of breaking in this straight lad. Once he's restrained in place the little cunt realises what a predicament he's in! We relish uncovering his body a piece at a time and groping him all over. He tries to wriggle away from our touch but there's no getting out of this situation. His tumescent penis hangs in the open because the fucker's sex drive is so high the smallest stimulation sets it off. This feisty straight delinquent must obey our every order or there will be severe consequences.

      The incorrigible boy ignores the first simple command he's given so a riding crop is used on his pale virgin bum raising angry pink marks. When he still fails to comply we have to take it to the next level paddling his arse till it flares red. Naturally that teen bum hole is fucking filthy so we need to pump him full of water to flush it out. We test the strength of his sphincter demanding he keep all the water we've pumped into his arse inside of him. The intimate pressure is immense and Kris must struggle second by second keeping it in. It gets even worse as we add pressure clipping his nipples, penis and ball sack. Ever whack we deliver to his arse makes it worse. Eventually it's too much to take and he releases his bum hole to send out a filthy stream of water. What a dirty bastard! We lock all that freshness inside with a plug and continue ruthlessly thrashing his arse!!  


    Hetero Kris performs in our video because hes looking for new experiences. He rises to the challenge and it's a pleasure to work with him.