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  There's nothing hornier than taking a straight builder fresh from work and plunging into his fragrant virgin arse! Joe is a prime target and we systematically turn this hairy bastard into our cock sucking bitch.  
Age 22, Builder

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  • Cornered in the toilet
  • handcuffed
  • sphincter stretched
  • cock manipulated
  • clothes destroyed
  • nipples pegged
  • cock sucking training
  • made to suck two dicks at once
    Added 24th April 2024

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    With the weather warming up groups of hetero lads congregate outside the pub knocking back many cold ones. We spy a dumb looking bearded masculine hunk with his trousers hanging down to show off a tempting peek of arse crack. It doesn't take much to ensnare the groggy bastard in the toilets and now he's ours. We greedily yank down the loose trousers of this builder to grope his cock and pry his arse open. Plunging our fingers in we can feel that tight pink opening loosening under our persistent plunging and teasing Joe's filthy insides. Once we've got him locked in a stall we can tear his clothes apart to reveal his furry chest and torso. We stroke his sensitive dick till it grows thick and eager in our fists. Soon our fingers are lubed up with Joe's precum!


    Joe's nipples are tightly clamped with pegs so he's overwhelmed by the constant stimulation. The dozy cunt grunts in frustration but is helpless to prevent us bending him over and rubbing both our hard cocks against his arse crack. What a rush sliding our glans over his slick hole. Joe groans in agony as his bum is stretched wide. We push him down on his knees waving our dicks in his face and command him to suck the arse juice off our erections. The naive builder retches as we ram our rods down his throat and fill his nostrils with the scent of our stiff members. We have a snog while the prick obediently tongues our shafts. Look at this tough builder turned into a complete fucking slut!



    It was fantastic working with hetero Joe who works very professionally despite being completely new to performing in videos.

  • Turned into a naked servant
  • arse belted
  • boot worship
  • ordered to fuck himself with increasingly big dildos
  • flogged
  • viciously fucked with a fat dildo
    Added 8th May 2024

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    Builder Joe is used to lazing around on construction sites all day. We teach this big hairy bastard the real meaning of work! We've got him stark naked and locked in our dungeon as our servile bitch. He must clean our boots, kissing and licking all the dirt off. We demand that he remain on his hands and knees at all times with his arse completely spread. His bum is given a vicious whacking with a leather belt when he doesn't serve properly. Joe must learn to take his punishment without protecting his vulnerable body. He howls in pain and desperately struggles to obey.


    We've got a wicked game for this hetero's virgin bum. With a range of dildos of varying thickness lined up we demand that he quickly ram each of them up his arse. He moans and gasps as he struggles to lodge each up his hole. Joe is terrified of the vicious floggers we hold over him so uses all his might to comply. But his hole is too tight and as he reaches a bigger dildo we have to rain lashes onto his naked back to make him properly obey. With a belt secured around his neck Joe breaks into a sweat as he licks Adrian's boots and the total degradation sinks into his thick skull. All the while his shrunken todger is swinging between his legs. We secure him in place and demand that he continue serving while his arse is plowed with a giant dildo. Joe is pushed past his pain threshold as we drill him into the fucking floor.



  • Suspended in nothing but a jock strap
  • gagged
  • disciplined with a riding crop
  • arse paddled
  • sphincter stretched
  • bum cleaned out
  • nipples and dick pegged
  • humiliated
    Added 22nd May 2024

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    Hetero Joe is furious that he's so exposed and vulnerable with his hands tied while wearing nothing but a jock strap. It frames that big sexy muscular arse so well I crave to punish him. His foul mouth is silenced with a rag shoved in his gob and taped in place. He refuses to comply when ordered to meet my gaze. Sliding down his strap he's now stark naked. All it will take is a small flick from my riding crop to his nuts to cause him immense pain. I seize his cock to hold him in place while I deliver a cruel walloping to his pale arse. Now it's striped pink and Dave arrives to seize control of his dick. Dave is severe in dishing out a wicked paddling so that giant keister is burning red all over!


    This builder's bum is filthy and we pump it full with cold water. Joe is ordered to hold it all in or there will be severe consequences. The pressure is immense and he's desperate for release. All he wants to do is stare at the floor because Joe is utterly ashamed at being so thoroughly degraded. We attach clips to the most sensitive parts of his body so now the pain is acute and all consuming. With even more liquid pumped inside Joe's guts the fucker is on the brink of bursting. Joe can't take any more and with his sore arse being steadily whacked it's impossible for him to keep it inside. The dirty water steadily leaks out of him until it's gushing like a fucking river! Joe has never been so thoroughly humiliated!



  • Grilled about his sexual habits
  • bound
  • cuffed
  • nipples clamped
  • jock strap sniffing
  • gagged
  • sphincter stretched
  • roped in bondage
    Added 29th May 2024

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    Masculine rugby player Joe thinks a session with us will be a cinch and an easy way for him to earn lots of money fast. This bearded hetero is so fucking na´ve! We thoroughly bind him so his movement is severely restricted. As we twist Joe's nipples and attach harsh metal clips to them he struggles to keep his face composed amidst the acute anguish. Now this beast can be led around by just tugging on the chain attached to them. He's stripped down to his jock strap and we can feel the big meaty package contained in it. We remove it and take a big sniff, but we want the lazy cunt to remove his own socks. He pathetically struggles and totally fails! A punishment is definitely in order. We bend him over to feel his tight arsehole and grip him in our arms to pervily fondle his pendulous dick. We prod his arse and make him sniff the fingers which were just rammed up his filthy backside. Joe is thoroughly tied with his legs spread open and we challenge him to break free. Those sporty muscles can't help him because he can't escape. Now the straight moron has no one to blame but himself!



  • Bound and gagged
  • anal hook
  • arse spanked
  • CBT
  • cock pegged
  • arse filled with a giant dildo
  • ordered to fuck himself
  • penis manipulated till erect
  • cock milked
  • made to eat his own spunk
  • electro shocks to his genitals
    Added 19th June 2024

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    Muscular and hairy hetero Joe is tied down to a discipline bench in nothing but a pair of tighty whities. The big lug hangs his head in shame as its pointed out how his arse crack has sweat through the thin fabric. Dave easily rips the undies off him leaving Joe fully exposed. Joe grunts angrily into his ball gag as a vicious metal hook slicked up with the bearded bastard's own spit is fixed up his arse. Not only is this device constantly pressing into his bum but any quick movement will cause him a horrendous amount of pain. That puts Joe in an agonizing predicament as Dave uses a leather strap to cruelly whack the athlete's giant rump. It takes all of Joe's willpower not to buck against each wicked spank and the tension is unbearable. Look at how his arse now glows red!

      Dave fixes clips over Joe's genitals and cruelly pulls them off making him moan from the shocking pain. Joe is ordered to produce more saliva to coat a giant dildo. Dave is having to expend far too much effort to punish this straight cunt! So Dave orders Joe to continuously sit back against the dildo and screw himself. But Joe is a lazy bastard so Dave ruthlessly rams the hetero's back passage. Watch Joe's toes wiggle at the intensity of being insistently fucked! Meanwhile, Adrian enters and takes hold of Joe's dick steadily stroking it till the dumb fucker grows erect against his will. Joe can't halt his cock from becoming so excited that he ejaculates and releases every last drop of sperm from those giant balls. Adrian licks it up and gives Joe a messy kiss filling the straight man's mouth with his own spunk. Joe's tumescent wet penis is bound so it can't fully go down. It's a total surprise to the exhausted fucker when he receives a series of sharp electric shocks to his sore genitals! We've not only pushed this straight bastard past his sexual limits and pain threshold but permanently ruined him!