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  Leo wants to go beyond his dappling in exhibitionism and become a proper performer. So he enjoys taking on the challenge of submitting in our videos and we hugely enjoyed working with this talented lad.  
Age 23, Taxi Driver

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  Groped in his car, grabbed, gagged, stripped, manipulated till erect, arse belted, made to rim a man.  
Added 7th February 2018

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Our cocks are already hard anticipating a night out ruining the arses of naive freshers who want to dabble in BDSM. But homophobic driver Leo has high standards about who is allowed to ride in his vehicle and absolutely refuses to drive to a seedy gay spot. Why bother paying the cab fare when we've got a sexy straight man's arse to pound right here?! We drag furious Leo into our lair and shimmy down his trackie bottoms to get at his fresh virgin arse and moist dick. This hetero's worst nightmare comes true as we rub our raging hard dicks against his bare bum cheeks and grip his thick cock. He groans and flails on the floor but we pin him down. That arse is beautifully ripe and smells like dinner from sitting around in his car all day. This lad is too sexually frustrated to prevent his cock from being engorged from our authoritative stroking and sucking. He's filled with shame that he can't stop himself from becoming erect.

  But we want to teach this angry straight man to respect and worship us so flip him over to beat his arse till he properly serves! We make him kiss our shoes and lick Dave's arse till he's gasping for air.  


  Restrained naked, CBT, cock sucking training, arse caned, fucked with a power tool, spitroasted, arse and face covered in cum.  
Added 21st February 2018

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Hetero Leo is disgusted by the thought of what happens in seedy gay clubs where men are laid out for the arses to be used by any hard cock that happens by. This is now his reality! Tied down naked to a bench he has no way to cover his exposed arse or his vulnerable package hanging between his legs. Leo has a particularly loose dangling nut sack that is extremely pleasurable to bind up. Adrian secures this straight man's cock and balls to the bench so the stupid fuck can barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. He's then presented with a stiff dick in his face and ordered to suck. The bastard curses us and screws his mouth shut, but a few swift strokes from a cane to his vulnerable buttocks soon changes his attitude. Leo quickly learns to do whatever he can to pleasure a man's cock or else his bum gets a severe lashing. Now he'll always have the taste of dick in his mouth and feel an erection stabbing at the back of his throat.

  At the same time his arse is filled with a thick dildo that insistently pumps his arse full and widens his sphincter. Now that the runway is clear, Adrian slides his cock into Leo's arse and the team spitroast him like a slutty bitch. We screw him till we cover his face and arse in our seed. Now that he's a cum covered subordinate bitch he's going to be really popular down at the gay fetish club he refused to take us to.  


  Tied naked, flogged, gagged, sphincter widened and fucked with a dildo, CBT, pegged, arse destroyed.  
Added 7th March 2018

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Angry fucker Leo has worked up quite a sweat struggling against his restraints. The room is thick with his horny masculine scent. Little does this stupid cunt realize the more he fights the more we've got a hard on for his hetero arse. To work him up even more Dave lays into him with a flogger, whipping Leo's bare arse until he's trembling and humble. The proud straight boy won't stop whining so Dave fills his gob with a ball gag before prising open his bum cheeks and pundering his sweet hot hole. With a lot of angry prodding he widens this boy's pink arsehole and loosens him up. Dave makes Leo inhale the fumes from his own fuckhole and prises his arse open further fucking his hole with a thick dildo. Leo's proud cock and balls are weighed down with an enormous weight. His package is strained so far with all his most sensitive bits pegged, the bastard feels like they are about to be ripped off. Simultaneously his arse is rammed full. This is how you tame an ungrateful straight bastard!



  Bound, leg spreader, gagged, spanked, arsehole fingered, cock sucked, fucked, balls drained, arse covered in spunk.  
Added 21st March 2018

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With hetero Leo fixed and tied naked in place he can't escape having his nuts and cock fondled and used! Leo can put up as much of a fight and moan as much as he wants but he can't resist the manipulative way Dave strokes his dick and feels it growing hard in his fist. He doesn't appreciate these ministrations so Dave's batters this proud fucker's arse spanking him bare handed and then whacking him with a paddle that causes his whole body to tremble in pain. He lays into Leo's tight sphincter widening it while also tugging on his cock. To fully prepare his hole, a buttplug is inserted into him. If he can't hold it in he'll receive another vicious paddling to his already painfully sore arse cheeks. Dave causes reluctant Leo to grow a big thick stiffy by sucking on his willy. When he's thick and hard, Leo is simultaneously wanked and fucked. His balls are drained of cum while a dick is firmly embedded up his arse. Leo crumbles in humiliation as he's conscious of having got off while his own arse is sprayed with cum. Now he's been turned into a proper bender!



  Tied, spanked, oiled, arsehole fingered, sphincter widened, turned into human urinal, arse filled with piss, made to rim a man, bastinado, caned until he squeezes out his butt plug.  
Added 4th APRIL 2018

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Leo's confident that at any moment the door will burst open and he'll be rescued from our perverted punishment. But the truth is that nobody knows this straight bastard is trapped in our stinking hole and he'll never get out of here. The sooner he learns that his fit manly body exists only for our sadistic pleasure the better it will be for him. In the mean time he needs to be trained and disciplined. His arse is whacked until his body is vibrating from the pain and tension. Leo loves it when the gals lust after his body, but the last thing he wants is his fit body oiled up till it's glistening sexy for us.

While he's slathered in oil Dave greases up his tight arsehole to break him in and stretch his sphincter. We want to really widen this bastard's virgin arse so a speculum is inserted up his rectum and he's widened till we can see right up his fuckhole.

  Leo's thoroughly degraded as Dave pisses directly into his filthy bum. It's secured up there with a butt plug. The pressure in his piss filled arse is so intense Leo can barely move! Now spanking to his arse turns into fucking agony as every movement causes intense pain to his piss filled insides. Leo is so desperate he'll do anything to stop his bum beating even stick his tongue up a man's arsehole!

The pressure of the butt plug blocking up his piss filled anus is incredibly painful! We maniacally laugh as we rapidly lash the sensitive soles of his feet. This causes every muscle in his body to jump as he flails about desperately and his reaction is so violently intense his anus finally pushes out the plug. His arsehole sprays out all that trapped stinking piss so powerfully it's like he's become a filthy human fountain! The sorry fucker weeps in total shame and humiliation as his throbbing anus continues to leak and he's covered in our stinking piss mixed with his own anal juice.



  • Supervised urination
  • covered in piss
  • arse flogged
  • ordered to clean our cocks
  • dick sucking training
  • made to service two cocks at once
    Added 2nd December 2020

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    Hetero Leo thinks hes grown into such a tough hard man so we need to remind this feisty bastard who is in charge. We keep him restrained on the floor in nothing but a tight jock strap. Hes not even allowed to piss without our permission. He must struggle to release his dick to empty his bladder. The sight and sound of his stream makes us have to go. But rather than aiming for the bowl we shower him in our fragrant yellow piss so it drenches his face and body. The proud straight cunt is crumpled in humiliation and dripping wet. We order him to use his mouth to clean our dicks but the nave cunt refuses. The only thing to do is bind him to the wall so we can give his naughty arse a vicious thrashing. Leo is in such pain he humbly agrees to lick our cocks clean. We commandingly instruct him the proper way to suck dick including getting his tongue into the filthy piss slit.

      The straight fucker is totally overwhelmed as he must service a dick on each side. We gag him ramming both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. What a filthy slag!  


  • Gagged
  • restrained in jock strap
  • arse caned
  • CBT
  • sphincter stretched with a vibrator
  • bastinado
  • fucked
    Added 23rd December 2020

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    The perfect position for any hard tattooed straight man is on his back and legs akimbo with his tempting hairy arsehole gaping! Leo's only clothing is the thin pouch of a jock strap which barely contains his meaty dick and hefty ball sack. Those straps perfectly frame his manly arse and it makes this hetero fucking furious! He thrashes against his binds and swears at us under his gag but there is no way for him to prevent us from greedily handling his body or viciously discipling him. We're going to make a mint out of exploiting this straight bastard by filming and broadcasting his extreme humiliation to punters around the world. Leo's crushing embarrassment is multiplied many times as he knows that his complete exposure and wicked punishment is being viewed by anyone willing to pay a few pennies to see it. He howls in frustration as we zoom in closely to watch a man's hard cock ramming his slutty arse!



  • Tied naked
  • gagged
  • spanked
  • anal hook
  • arse belted
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • humiliated
  • CBT
  • bastinado
    Added 13th January 2021

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    It enrages hetero Leo that we've bound him naked to an exam table so he can't help showing off his arse. What a fucking delicious sight seeing him on all fours with that arse pointed in the air. It drives us wild and stirs our drive to punish him for being a big teasing slut. He inadvertently tempts us more when Adrian spanks his arse cheeks so he wiggles that bum trying to get away. We're going to break that ferocious will of his by making him stay in place while we discipline his fit body. A vicious hook is fixed up his arse and attached to his gag so he can't move without causing himself serious damage. Now he can't shift an inch while Adrian lashes his tender bum cheeks. All he can do is futilely kick his legs. We've been tempted long enough by that hole and tear it open sliding a big fat dildo up his rear. Leo is rhythmically fucked making him moan in agony till drool pours from his gob. Expert sadist

      Dave binds his genitals up so he's in constant agony. This straight bastard is completely overwhelmed while he's simultaneously fucked and has the sensitive soles of his feet cruelly caned. We're breaking his will completely to make him wholly obedient!  


  • Strapped to the discipline bench
  • gagged
  • jockstrap destroyed
  • sphincter stretched
  • flogged
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arsehole covered in two loads of cum
    Added 3rd February 2021

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    Hetero Leo is terrified because he knows that being dealt a merciless discipline session from us is fucking agony! The anticipation of pain and anal invasion is worse than the actual experience especially when he's strapped down with no way to defend himself! He can shout and fight with every muscle in his hard masculine body but he can't prevent us from using his arse and flogging his body. Leo's training is coming along well as his anus has become real sloppy when his sphincter is rubbed. Dave shoves his fingers inside this bastard's rectum giving that anus its daily training. We're aching to fuck this straight cunt but the only way to get a good screw out of him is to make him want to suck dick and be fucked. Adrian thrashes Leo until he agrees to suck Dave's dick. Even when he's got that hard cock in his gob he must be instructed how to suck it properly and if he doesn't he gets a stinging lash to his bum.

      After prodding Leo's arsehole, Dave switches to plunging into Leo's rear. The hetero's protestations are soon silenced by Adrian's dick being shoved in his mouth. He's relentlessly invaded from both ends. When Dave shoots his cum all over Leo's sore bum crack Adrian uses it as lube to plunge inside the straight cunt before depositing his own spunk. Now Leo has to live with the shame of taking two men's loads!  


  • Restrained
  • gagged
  • flogged
  • humiliated
  • CBT
  • dick manipulated till it's very erect
  • ruined ejaculation
    Added 17th February 2021

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    As hetero Leo is stripped down to nothing but his tight white pants and his limbs are firmly tied in place, this raging firecracker has no way to defend himself other than spitting at us. What a disrespectful twat! He knows he's in trouble now because when Dave gags him the fucker is trembling like a leaf intensely aware that we will make him PAY for his insolence. That underwear is shredded leaving his dangling cock and pert arse exposed out in the open. There's not a thing he can do to cover himself. His bare back and arse are given a firm lashing making the twat jump about as he has no way of knowing where the biting thrash will come from next. At the same time Dave devilishly binds up his package and weighs it down. Those cock and balls are stretched to the point where he feels like they'll snap. With the lash still coming down on his back Leo is horrifically overwhelmed.

      He can't stand the pain and will do anything to make it stop. He's desperate for a soothing touch and the pleasure of having his sore dick stroked till he's aching hard consumes his senses. As his dick is being skilfully manipulated Dave attaches pegs down his naked torso. Leo is in a state as he can't resist the stimulation to his cock or prevent himself from blowing his load. At the second his semen flies Dave rips the pegs off causing a viciously intense shock of pain. The bastard is in tears knowing we've made him cream himself and he's never going to forget the shame!