Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Hetero John enjoys challenging himself to take everything we want to do to his body and he performs excellently. The results are extremely horny!  
Age 33, Pub manager

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  • Captured
  • bound
  • gagged
  • groped
  • nipples pegged
  • fucked with a dildo
  • humiliated
  • spanked with a leather strap
    Added 27th July 2022

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    Officials love to stick their noses in where they don't belong. The last guy who came snooping in our lair became one of our favourite new fucks. So when bearded hunky John insists on inspecting the premises we make this married hetero regret he ever came knocking on our door. As soon as we've got him sat in our pervy exam chair we swiftly secure the dumb fucker in place so there's no way for him to escape. We get a handful of his promising bulge and arse. His uptight business suit is completely shredded to expose his manly body. We cut a window in his pants to give direct access to his arsehole. Man, is that hole tight and fragrant! Dave savours breaking John's anal virginity by stretching that arse with a fat dildo! His bum cheeks are disciplined with a wicked spanking which causes that hairy arse to burn red. The horror is evident on his face as tears and sweat stream down his body.

      Notice how his legs are trembling from the deep impact of having his sore arse mercilessly rammed! Now this bastard truly understands what happens in here and feels what it's like to be systematically degraded with all his dignity and sense of manhood destroyed.  


  • Bound
  • gagged
  • wedgie
  • pants destroyed
  • erection manipulated
  • edging
  • CBT
  • drained of precum
  • nipples pegged
  • fucked with a dildo
  • arse belted
    Added 10th August 2022

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    Hetero John demands to be released but he is utterly powerless as he's tied down on all fours and swiftly silenced with a gag. All there is between our pervy touch and his naked body are a pair of thin, nearly transparent Y-fronts! Those pants are wrenched between his hairy arse cheeks so we can tease his precious furry bum hole and grope his heavy pouch at the front. He moans in panic as his underwear is torn from his body unleashing a great big stonking erection! The bastard's engorged glans are stroked till he feels a tingling and irrepressible need to ejaculate but we cruelly deny his pleasure. Instead his cock is bound so he can't even move without sharply tugging at the sensitive flesh of his foreskin. He gasps for breath from the strength of his desire to cum and the piercing humiliation of having his dick controlled by two men. That stiffy is locked in a pressurised container and stimulated to the point where its dripping with precum.

      His punishment is increased as his nipples are pegged and Dave pounds John's arse with a big fat dildo. At the same time his bum cheeks are spanked with a leather belt. All this adds to the pressure which builds and builds till the straight fucker is maddened by his rampant need to cum. What a horny hetero slut, but his desire is now completely under our command!