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  Joseph is a performer who is 100% hetero wants the experience and financial rewards. He impressively proves that he's a thorough professional and picks up some kinky tricks to use himself.  
Age 23, Gangster

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  Breeder: Joseph, 23 yr old thieving thug.      
  We're in the thick of things during a city centre riot. To prey upon muscular straight thugs like Joseph. As his thieving friends have their backs turned we knock the cunt sparko and drag him to our lair. With his head spinning he finds himself tied spread-eagled with his strapping body totally at our disposal. He is bitterly ashamed as his thick black cock eagerly springs erect from our hungry fondling. His massive donkey dong and balls are then first to suffer under heavy CBT. Gagging, anal defilement and a well-deserved hard flogging quickly follow. This hetero hard man would much prefer we handed him to the police if he guessed what's in store for him...  

  Stripped, gagged, groped, cock manipulated till erect, rimmed, fingered, stiff cock and balls pegged, arse flogged, dildo planted up his arse.  
Added 24th February 2015

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Something has to be done! Handsome young thugs take any social disturbance as a cue to run rabid in the streets, plunder shops for what they want and laugh all the way. These gangs believe they are entitled to do whatever they want flaunting their big cocks like they are top of the food chain. They're not the only ones to take advantage of this opportunity when police are overwhelmed by an outbreak of lawlessness. Adrian and Dave cloak themselves in thieves' hoodies to nab one of the robbers when they catch him red handed. Do his buddies care? No they abandon him. Now he's trapped in a basement with two perverts intent on having their way with him and no one knows where big muscular thug Joseph is. Bound and gagged this hetero is going to learn some fucking respect through ferocious discipline and sexual subservience to men. Where are his buddies now?



Joseph is a performer who is 100% hetero wants the experience and financial rewards. He impressively proves that he's a thorough professional and picks up some kinky tricks to use himself.


  Tied with his arse spread open, cock stimulated till erect, balls & dick cinched between chopsticks, cock shaft pegged, balls tied, CBT, fucked with power tool, arse caned and covered with hot wax  
Added 20th May 2015

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Thieving hetero Joseph might not own a lot, but he does have one big asset. His gigantic throbbing cock is a wonder to behold. This fucker is proud of it too! Strutting down the street his massive dong swings beneath his tracksuit bottoms drawing all eyes on him and making everyone submit to him. Now the tables have turned. He's splayed out with his tight arsehole on show. That fat sausage between his legs is stroked and licked till it's hard, wet and throbbing. Joseph has done so much damage with this monster. His dick belongs to these perverted men now who squash, peg and restrict his cock. It's humiliating having his big pride and joy so disrespected and strained to breaking point.

  His massive potent balls are restricted so the skin is strained and his nads stick out. Now that his genitals have been so severely constrained it's time for this straight blockhead to learn the only thing he's good for now – getting his arse fucked! A massive dildo is mechanically pumped up his big muscular arse so his hole is split wide open. He groans and shouts beneath his gag pathetically while being screwed and beaten with a cane. To brand him as a new slutboy his round dark cheeks are covered in burning hot wax. This thug has been turned into a hot mess with a bound cock and a soppy wet hole.  


Joseph is a performer who is 100% hetero wants the experience and financial rewards. He impressively proves that he's a thorough professional and picks up some kinky tricks to use himself.


  Basketball star captured, stress bondage, leg spreader, ball gag, clothes torn off, groped under jocks-strap, cruel verbal, red hot arse belting, cock sucked, anus fingered, anally fucked by a large veiny dildo on a broom handle whilst being belted, clips on nipples, 10-pin bowling ball fastened to cock & balls, then belted again for good measure.  
Added 3rd June 2015

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What we have here is a proud black straight athletic stud systematically degraded, humiliated, tormented and defiled for your delight. Adrian starts off proceedings by gagging the cunt then tearing his basketball kit off leaving him in just a jock. It's so easy to pull his pouch aside and grope his cock and nuts, this is exactly what happens and there isn't anything Joseph can do to stop it. Dave takes the heavy leather strap to the straight bastard's bare arse making it red hot and Joseph crying for his life. You know this only provokes Dave so he then finger fucks him for good measure. Muffled cries of "Stop! Stop!" go unheeded as a big white veiny dildo on the end of a broom handle is shoved up Joseph's reluctant shitter. The straight can't believe what is happening to him, drool gushing from his gagged mouth as he cries for help.

  To shut the whinging twat up Joseph is belted again, this time whilst the dildo is lodged deep inside his most private hole. Nasty clips are attached to his nips to keep him in constant pain then a heavy ten-pin bowling ball is roped to his hefty cock & balls. Kicked, it swings back and forth gaily between his legs, pulling ever down on his tormented private parts. Joseph is given exquisite torment when told he can escape a third belting session, if, and only if, he can use his own sphincter muscles to keep the dildo up his cunt. Can you guess what happens? Only an abject sadist could get a thrill out of watching this relentless cruelty…so what are you waiting for?  


Joseph is a performer who is 100% hetero wants the experience and financial rewards. He impressively proves that he's a thorough professional and picks up some kinky tricks to use himself.


  Made to crawl on his knees while naked, made erect, breath control, ordered to suck cock, verbal humiliation, electro shocks, cruel cock sucking game, made to expose his arsehole while begging to be fucked, balls clamped in humbler.  
Added 30th September 2015

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Joseph has undergone an extraordinary transformation. Recently he was strutting through the streets in his baggy gangster clothes, threatening and taking anything he wanted. Now his extreme training has rendered him perfectly submissive. His hands are bound behind his back and put on his knees so he must crawl along miserably slow. He's stark naked so his muscular hard body is on constant display and his tight arse is vulnerable as he turns and bends.

Joseph's head is covered and he's blindfolded, but it's still possible to see through to his crushed humiliated expression and the tears trapped on his cheeks. A gap is made to expose his mouth so he can suck dick. Since he can't see he must painfully crawl over the floor searching for the cock to suck. He can only locate it by sniffing out the musty scent of it.


The cruel game is amplified as an electric collar is attached around his neck giving him a shock unless he begs for cock and obediently provides the oral service that's demanded of him. He must bend over and expose his slick hetero arsehole while Adrian wanks above it.

This tough thug is continuously told how he'll now be pimped out to wealthy gentlemen who will do nothing but fuck and trash him. This will be his only use from now on.



  Chained naked, dressed in football kit, nipples wrenched, shackled, breath control, gagged, cock jerked till erect, arse flogged, anal hook, body pegged.  
Added 16th December 2015

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Joseph has been chained naked on a filthy toilet floor and lives like a beast for months. Locked in the dark room he has no idea how much time is passed, but he's weakened and totally compliant. Joseph's time has come and a punter wants to use him. Half-crazed and desperate to do anything to avoid sadistic punishment, Joseph obediently dresses in a football kit and follows Dave into the room with his client. He's shackled and his football kit is cut off from him. His big long fat cock is groped and stroked through the silky footy shorts. Joseph feels like he's living in a perpetual nightmare as the perverted men sniff his crotch.

A rope is tied around his neck and weighted down so any resistance makes it tighten around his windpipe. Joseph is pushed to the brink so he can't control his body's reaction when the men stroke his dick and he can't stop himself growing a big fat stiffy.


With his prick standing on end his nasty punter uses a lash to thrash Joseph's muscular arse. He leaps into the air with his big erection flailing about. This strong straight stud's shorts are torn off him showing off his ripping muscular body. An anal hook is slid up his tight arse. Pegs are attached up his body on all his most sensitive parts and they are abruptly ripped off. The painful sensation is so intense that Joseph is totally stunned and left wide-eyed.



  Tied arse-up to a work bench, made to suck cock, fucked, spitroasted, face covered in cum, ordered to rim a man's arse, dildo shoved up his arse, caned. CBT, face pissed on.  
Added 13th January 2016

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Joseph's hard muscular naked body is tied down to a bench. This humiliated hetero panics when he sees Derek enter. Pinned down there no way to escape the cock which is presented in front of his face. He's well trained enough to know that he must comply or the punishment will be severe. Joseph gags to feel Derek's cock throb and grow very hard in his mouth. Now that Derek has a burning hard on he thrusts it into Joseph's tight arse while gagging him. Dave enters and demands that Joseph service his cock as well. Pinned between the two men's cocks the stupid bastard moans piteously aware how he's been reduced from a hard man of the streets into these men's cum bucket.

With sperm still dripping down his face, Dave parks his arse on Joseph's face and he's ordered to insert his tongue up the man's stinking hole.


Derek rams a big fat dildo up his arse so he can be rhythmically fucked while his big dark muscular cheeks can be caned at the same time. His body is rigid with the pain from being deeply penetrated, but the men demand that he goes down on Derek's big cock again. With his cock and balls tied down, Derek rams him in the arse pounding him hard and releases a creamy load of spunk over his dark arse. Dave laughs and pisses all over Joseph's face. This thug has been turned into the most sexually-used dirty slag on the streets!



  Tied, pants ruined, arsehole fingered, dick manipulated, flogged, fucked with a vibrator, cock and balls tied, genitals pegged, milked.  
Added 27th January 2016

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Joseph has such a muscular manly body he ought to always be stripped and tied up for us to run our hands over whenever we wish. That body is like hot hard steel bursting with strength and it's hot to feel him jerk away from us and struggle against his binds. That big monster cock of his can barely be contained in his tight white pants which we ruin so he's totally exposed. He grunts in humiliation because of the feelings of pleasure and pain coursing through his body as his cock is manipulated and stroked and he can't stop it from becoming achingly engorged. When his foreskin is peeled back his glans throb bright and pink against his dark skin.

We want him to know we have total control of his dick now so alternate the pleasure which gives him a hard on with punishment from a flogger. Derek slides a vibrator up his arse screwing the fucker deep.


We don't want the tender head of his cock shrinking away so his bell end is strung up. His big full nuts are tied up. The incredibly sensitive head of his dick is teased with a vibrator till he feels the pleasure shooting through his body no matter how he grits his teeth against it. He's drained of his semen. This big studly man's genitals are his pride and joy but now we own them fully.