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  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Age 22, Straight escort

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  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Added 17th July 2013

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Tied to the bed, clothes cut off him, virgin arse fingered, arse flogged, fucked, screwed till he weeps, ballgagged, dildo planted up his hole, hard cocks rubbed all over his face.

Pretty straight boy Aiden thinks he's hit upon a gold mine working as an escort for lonely ladies. He's very strict about only seeing female clients thinking his straight arse is so precious there's no price he'll accept for giving it up. The homophobic prick has the gall to try charging two men a fortune just to massage his feet. Time to give this arrogant hetero boy his first taste of dick. While chatting on his mobile phone he's tied down to the bed so his big round rump is point up in the air and vulnerable. The men pounce on him and ignore his angry invectives while they cut off his designer clothes. His slim boyish body which has only been accessible to women is now pawed over by the men's eager insistent hands making Aiden cringe.

  They part his arse cheeks and insert a wet finger up his tight rectum. Opening up a hetero's virgin arse gets their dicks rock hard so they can't resist fucking him and making him cry. They take turns humping the hetero escort while he shouts weak warnings at them. Now to update his escort profile with some fresh pictures so his new gentlemen customers kindly snap some new photos for him. They pose him with a dildo rammed up his arse and smack his shamed face with their hard dicks. Soon he'll have a new host of new customers banging down his door.  


  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Added 31st July 2013

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Bound spread eagled, stripped naked, tears flowing from his eyes, Chinese chop-stick CBT, tickle-torment, made to rim arsehole, face fucked, anally fucked, 2 loads of cum in his holes.

Ed is on his back he is less confident than before. He is completely spread eagled wearing pants and his mouth is taped. The tops lie either side of him groping and fondling his young body before ripping his pants off and handling his privates as he moans. They attach chops sticks to his balls and his cock. He cries and is angry. They attach clothes pegs to his nipples.

The tops order him to rim and suck Dave. Dave backs onto Aiden's face as Adrian rips the tape off his mouth, shoving Dave's thick cock into Aiden's mouth and down his throat until Aiden's face is red, eyes bulging and tears cascading down his face. He has to lick more arse too.

  Dave turns around and face fucks him. Adrian has a go too as Dave pulls Ed's legs in the air and fucks his arse. Then its a free for all with the ruined straight boy. Both tops cum into and over his holes. Ed swears and curses. To no avail.  


  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Added 14th August 2013

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Tied up, made to display his arsehole, subjected to a sadistically humiliating game, arse whipped with riding crop, arsehole fingered and fucked with a dildo.

Hetero Aiden is so full of himself he thinks men should be grovelling to only touch his feet. Now the tables have been turned and this cocky fucker is tied up naked and made to crawl on his knees over the floor displaying his precious arse. Aiden's inflated sense of self worth is ground down with each humiliating task he's given. Inching painfully across the floor he has to collect magnets with the clips on his nipples and foreskin. When he displeases Dave by not moving fast enough his bottom receives a lash from his riding crop. Every minute that passes feels like hours with Aiden feeling crushed by the overwhelming shame. Dave can't resist seizing his arse when he's bent over and plunging a finger up the boy's hole to slide in and out of him. After collecting all the magnets Aiden must drop the clips by shaking his body to painfully release them. A big fat dildo is planted deep up his rectum so he can be vigorously fucked.



  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Added 4th September 2013

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Tied in bondage and gagged, fucked with a vibrator, made to suck cock, penis pegged, paddled, facefucked while tears stream down his face.

Stuck up Aiden thinks he belongs on a pedestal but he's in the most degrading and humiliating position now. Tied naked on a bench with his spider gag keeping his mouth open and his precious arse and package on show Aiden looks much more like the lowly submissive bitch he really is. Somehow he still can't get it through his thick skull that this is the way it's going to be from now on. He's fucked with a big vibrating dildo on a stick to teach him otherwise. The penetration only stops when he begs for the only alternative Ė sucking a man's hard cock. He's fed a big hard on while having no way to close his mouth against it. The shiny end of a dick is rubbed over his pretty pink lips and across his tear-streaked face.

  But this is still too easy for the straight fucker. The vibrator is planted up his rectum and his uncut penis is adorned with pegs pinching his knob hard till it shrinks up inside him. Now that his arse is loosened a buttplug is inserted up his hole and spanked with a paddle so that the thick end is hammered deep inside. His pert pale cheeks are given a paddling till they blaze read. His head is suspended up so men can more easily slide their dicks into his warm wet hetero gob.  


  Hard working performer Aiden agrees to participate in all the action despite being completely heterosexual. He meets all the challenges he's presented with and is a pleasure to work with.  
Added 23rd October 2013

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Shackled and gagged in his football kit, ice-cold anal cleaning held in with a buttplug, arse caned, tag-team fucking, arse ejaculated on and cum rammed up his rectum.

Proud straight boy Aiden is put into a compromising position as his arms are bound to his ankles pushing his sporty arse up in the air. His tight muscular rump makes a tempting sight displayed in a sheer pair of footballer's shorts. They are whipped down to reveal his smooth buttocks and tight hole. Adrian runs his finger over the warm smooth surface of his sphincter knowing this boy needs to be punished for refusing his hole to be used by men willing to pay. A tube connected to a bag full of freezing water is inserted up his arsehole until every last drop is drained out and his bowels are filled with the icy liquid.

  A buttplug is inserted up his hole to hold it in making his cheeks tremble from the physical strain. Adrian lashes his arse with a cane to drive his punishment in further. When the buttplug is slid out of his hole a geyser of now-warmed liquid gushes from his arse. The men take turns screwing his now pristine clean hole. They hurl insults at the straight fucker plowing into him till he's bent over and his will-power fully defeated.  



  Schoolboy gear, cuffed, pants torn off, ball-gagged, flogged, tied, wanked, arse fingered, anal hook, nipples pegged, suspended.  
Added 16th March 2016

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Hetero rentboy Aiden has one of those faces you want to smack. With his sneering lip curled and his eyes impatiently staring off in the distance, he's an arrogant little punk. He makes the perfect specimen for a schoolboy fantasy. Geared up in his uniform he looks just like those nasty bullies he liked to corner smaller lads in the toilet and call them faggots. On this gig he gets more than he bargained for as Dave steps in and the men overwhelm him and cuff his wrists behind his back. He's ruthlessly exposed with his sexy tight white pants torn from his body leaving his cock and arse hanging out. Dave orders Aiden to awkwardly strip himself the rest of the way with his cuffed hands. The lazy boy is too slow so gets a flogging to speed him along.

  The dirty cunt is restricted even more as his arms are bound behind his back. Naked on his knees he's ordered to fetch his clothing by crawling pathetically over the floor and if he's not fast enough he'll get a beating. His smug face is rammed in a men's groins with his dripping spit getting them all wet. He's pinned down so his body can be leached over and groped, tugging on his cock till he can't help growing a semi and feeling his tight arsehole being opened up. Aiden is given an endurance test as he's strung up with an anal hook inserted up in arse. He must stand on his tiptoes indefinitely till we decide to play with this filthy slag again.  


  Bound naked on all fours, anal hook, arse flogged, balls pegged, fucked with a dildo, oiled up, cock milked, face covered in sperm, CBT, electro shocks to his arsehole and genitals.  
Added 30th March 2016

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Hetero Aiden makes a sexy centrepiece stark naked and on display with his vulnerable arse on show. We don't even want to have to go through the effort of spreading those cheeks. This boy needs to learn to point his arse in the air like he's constantly begging to be fucked! Adrian inserts a vicious hook up his arse and ties it to his head harness so that bum is pointed straight up ready for whatever sadistic torment we want to inflict upon him. Nervous Aiden feels his pert bum get a whacking making his cheeks burn red. He must stay in place and take it or the evil hook will tear him apart.

If Adien is going to be a proper slut he must beg for it up the arse like he's starved for a fucking. Knowing what his punishment will be if he doesn't comply, Aiden slides back on the dildo rammed up his hole and painfully begs for more through his gag.

  His body trembles at the intensity of being fucked deep and drool pours from his mouth. Dave greases the straight boy up and seizes his cock stroking and manipulating his genitals till Aiden can't help ejaculating a big creamy load. His genitals are bound, restrained and ready for his next male client. Sharp shocks are delivered to his bound genitals making him pathetically squirm. Now he is the very picture of a filthy whore!


  Bound with rope, spanked, gut punched, foreskin clamped, fingered and fucked with a dildo, deep throat cock sucking, breath control.  
Added 27th July 2016

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Experienced Aiden may look innocent but he is a horny dirty-minded straight bastard. We've beaten and viciously screwed him on BreederFuckers before because he's always desperate for cash, but he's disgusted by rough gay action. We tempt him back in thinking he's going to get a nice easy shoot, but we love to fuck with straight boy's minds as well as their bodies. He's lulled into a false sense of security by Dave's macho guy talk about what gets him horny and submitting to being tied ďjust for a testĒ.

Once his arms and legs are bound, Dave tears the clothes off him leaving him totally exposed. Aiden's tight butt cheeks are wrenched apart to expose his tempting hole. He mouths off, but is silenced when Dave delivers swift punches to his stomach. Spread over a fucking block with his legs in the air his arse is exposed and his foreskin is bound to his toes so he can't move without doing serious damage to himself. Now his arsehole and glans are both temptingly on show. A big fat fucking dildo is rammed up his resistant arsehole making Aiden's face bright red.

  Dave makes him beg to suck his cock or Aiden's arse will be relentlessly screwed all day. That big hard cock stabs the back of his throat so hard Aiden gags and rivers of saliva pour from his mouth. Aiden squirms and jerks away from servicing that dick. Now it's time for his real punishment! Suspended in place he gasps and struggles for every breath. This stupid fucking straight cunt now belongs to us!


  Chained to discipline bench, pants destroyed, flogged, arse caned, jaw stretcher, fucked, mouth filled with cum.  
Added 10th August 2016

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Itís sexy simply watching Aiden struggle in his submissive position. His wrists and legs and locked to the discipline bench which makes his sexy arse stick up in the air. Stripped down to his thin white pants which barely cover his tender arsehole, he struggles pointlessly against his restraints. Heís defiant and angry, but heís also fucking terrified which you can tell by the way his little toes wiggle in panic. Dave presents him with his hard cock and orders him to suck, but Aiden refuses. The only way to make this hetero fucktard learn is to break his will. Dave spanks, lashes and canes his bum till itís burning in pain. His arse is turned from a pristine lily white valley to a raging red mound. Heís taken to the physical edge so that he now pitifully begs to suck that big hard cock. Having ruined his arse, Dave now fucks hard. A fresh load of spunk is shot into Aidenís stretched mouth while he clenches his eyes shut. Feeling the sperm slide down his throat Aiden continues to struggles against his restraints but there is no escape.



  Bound and gagged, groped, fingered, screwed with dildo, flogged, made to fuck himself, CBT, cock milked.  
Added 17th August 2016

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Hetero boy Aiden shouts an endless stream of homophobic insults every time we touch him - as if pervily groping and sexually using his body is somehow wrong! Now heís silenced with a ball gag shoved in his mouth and his arms tied behind his back leaving him bent over vulnerably in nothing but his white pants. Dave runs his hands all over Aidenís body, grips his package and runs his finger around his puckered sphincter. Watch how his face twists in disgust having his arsehole played with.

Aidenís pants are destroyed so his cock flops out in the open and Dave can screw his arse with a big thick dildo. Aiden resists being screwed so he receives a harsh lashing. The only way it will stop if he begs for the dildo again. To make him prove how much he wants it Dave orders him to fuck himself on it.

Shackled in place in painfully pushes his arse back onto the thick plastic member, moaning with drool pouring out of his mouth. Dave flogs his arse while Aiden screws himself like a slut. Those big dangling nuts and cock need some attention. Dave weighs them down so they are stretched to breaking point. He manipulates the dumb fuckers cock till his balls are drained. Now he’s a proper bender!


Performer Aiden talks us through his experience of the day, what he found most pleasurable and painful. Heís a straightforward sincere guy and excellent to work with!