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  18 year old hetero Jonathan is an innocent pup we lure in straight from the football pitch. He thinks heís going to be a big porn star that gets to fuck loads of chicks, but instead we trick him into restraints. He canít escape us stripping him down to his jock strap and the discipline we inflict upon his round arse and tumescent cock. That sporty bum deserves a harsh spanking!  
Age 18, Footballer

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  • Cuffed and tied
  • gagged
  • nipples pegged
  • dick manipulated till erect
  • arse paddled
  • sphincter exercised and stretched with a butt plug
    Added 1st April 2020

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    18 year old straight boy Jonathan arrives expecting to be cast in a new straight porn film, but after he's tricked into restraints there's no stopping us from getting our greedy hands all over his tight muscular body. This sporty young fucker is ripe for being used and exploited for the first time. He's got such a juicy round bum that looks so luscious framed in a jock strap. We can't resist laying into his meaty arse paddling it till it blushes red. The pervy bastard is so horny that persistent stroking causes him to grow helplessly erect and leak sticky teenage precum. Jonathan is completely humiliated that he can't control his burning sex drive while two men touch him and tears roll down his cheek while we stroke his aching erection. Nothing has ever gone up his virgin arsehole before so we train his sphincter stretching it with a butt plug and then making him push it back out. He must strain with all his might while we whack his arse to pop it out!

      Haha! The crestfallen stud muffin can only weep as he feels his arsehole being exercised and prepared for two insatiably pervy and sadistic men!  


  • Strapped to an exam table
  • cock manipulated till hard
  • CBT
  • balls crushed
  • sphincter stretched
  • electro probe up his arse
  • bum cheeks caned
    Added 15th April 2020

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    Hot young muscleboy Jonathan looks so sexy tied to a table in nothing but his jock strap! This straight lad is accustomed to being praised and desired by all his schoolmates. Everyone revers his teenager cock so we're going to take complete control of it. Here he's just a piece of meat presented for our sadistic pleasure. He furiously struggles but Adrian is hellbent on turning this hetero into a gay whore. Holding a bottle of party juice up to his nostrils Jonathan can't stop himself inhaling the fumes to become loose and horny. As Adrian gropes the lad's crotch his teenage cock helplessly responds to the stimulation growing thick and hard. Jonathan is disgusted that a man can cause him to grow an erection. But when his dick is painfully bound and his balls are crushed, any little bit of kindness given to his genitals feels like a blissful relief. His prick is trained to respond to our touch!

      We hike his legs up over his head so his pristine pink arsehole is fully exposed. An electro probe is slid up his arse to press against the prostate this naÔve straight boy didn't even know he has! He struggles with all his might and muscle. The only thing to do is cane that luscious round arse till he complies. This sexy teenage fucker is full of fight and spunk but we know how to transform him into our willing slave!  


  • Tied to a medical bench
  • CBT
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a metal probe
  • foreskin clamped
  • gagged
  • arse caned
  • glans stimulated with a vibrator
  • cock milked
    Added 29th April 2020

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    This hot 18 year old hetero has the perfect innocent schoolboy look and a rapidly developing muscular body. With his hormones raging his tender teenage dick and arse are highly sensitive. Left unchecked, this lad would be out partying and fucking every night. Luckily we've established a pervy academy to tame and train budding sexy straight bastards like this! Jonathan is marched into the medical room and bound to the table so we have easy access to his ripe genitals and very tight anus. That troublemaker of a dick and full set of balls need to be dealt with first. Restraining them with a weight he's aware of the constant painful pressure of them being tugged back while we deal with his arse. If we're going to make any headway into this fucker's tight pussy we need to moisten it with lube. We demand he clench and unclench his anus to suck in that slick dribble. Sliding our fingers up his teen arsehole it's like being locked in a Chinese finger trap!

      As pleasurable as it is stretching his sphincter ourselves it's going to take more heavy duty equipment to properly train this lad's hole. He's fucked with a metal probe while his foreskin is secured in place. Jonathan rapidly pants, trembles and emits a boyish musky scent as his genitals are stimulated to an excruciating degree. While his arse is being pounded open those big round peachy arse cheeks are whacked with a cane. Adrian takes Jonathan's cock in hand and uses a vibrator against his shaft and fulsome pink glans. He can't stop his hefty sporty dick from hardening. The boy is so confused and disturbed by his mind-blowing ejaculation as we rapidly milk him like a farmyard cow. That's how you train a horny young straight boy!  


  • Collared naked
  • dog training
  • humiliated
  • made to display his arsehole
  • fed a bowlful of piss
    Added 13th May 2020

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    Promising young hetero Jonathan had planned a big future for himself. He wanted to go to university, be hailed as a big sports star and eventually become a decent family man! We've permanently changed this bright muscular fucker's destiny! After today he'll be nothing but a cockslave whore and an obedient bumslut desperately striving to serve his new masters. We put him through his paces systematically dehumanizing him by attaching a collar around his neck to remind him he is fully owned. The teary eyed boy is ordered to crawl across the floor, chasing after a toy while we admire his big round athletic bum wiggling. Jonathan must squat down fully so we can admire his tight arsehole and laugh at his proud nut sack swinging between his muscular thighs. He feels the crushing humiliation as he's ordered to drag his naked body across the filthy floor and lap up a bowl full of fresh stinking piss from a dog bowl. This boy has quickly fallen from a straight shining star to a lowly naked beast!



  • Handcuffed
  • nipples clamped
  • gagged
  • erect cock manipulated
  • arsehole fingered
  • restrained and struggling
    Added 27th May 2020

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    As a carefree, fit and popular 18 year old schoolboy Jonathan is used to having complete freedom. He's so pumped up with muscles and testosterone he believes the world revolves around him. This plucky straight lad needs to be taught respect and discipline. More than anything he must learn that his body and cock no longer belong to him. We humble this sexy young fucker, restrain him and fully expose his tender genitals. Even though this hetero is disgusted being handled by two pervy men all it takes are a few strokes of his willy to make him erect and eager to get off. This horny young fella just can't control his cock or his sex drive. He's never even thought of his arsehole being used in a sexual way but we worm our way into his precious bumhole, stretching his sphincter to ready it for dick. He desperately wants to escape but all those hard muscles can't break him free from the ropes that bind him.

      Jonathan is utterly humiliated and panics as we so skilfully manipulate his body to either arouse him or make him feel pain. We can use him however we like because he completely belongs to us now!  


    This is straight young Jonathan's first time engaging in BDSM but he rises to the challenge, takes everything we gave him and did an excellent job performing with us!