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  We're thrilled when confident hetero rugby player Thomas agrees to perform with us. He thinks he is so tough he can handle whatever we do to his fit muscular body. Here we take him to the limits of his endurance in a searing hot new video!    
Age 36, Personal Trainer

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  • Stripped
  • bound
  • nipples clamped
  • humiliated
  • ball gagged
  • groped
  • giant dick wanked
  • sphincter stretched
    Added 26th August 2020

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    Tough hetero rugby man Thomas thinks he's onto a good thing. He knows how much we thirst after his perfectly toned muscular body and big dangly cock. As he thinks he's clever he makes the decision to get queers to pay him lots of money for showing off his body. Well we're going to show him what it really means to be a whore for gays by making him our captive slut! We tightly restrain that rippling hard body so his big muscles are rendered completely useless. Our cocks get aching hard seeing him stripped down to nothing but his sexy jock strap. And just look at the giant fucking python he's got between his legs when we strip him stark naked! Even when we clamp his pert nipples so he's in acute pain he keeps a stiff expression. His face doesn't betray any emotion until we dig into that pristine virgin arsehole. Then he's slowly stricken with panic as he realises he can't do move an inch and two insatiable sadists are tearing into his arsehole without restraint. When we get through with disciplining and using his fit manly body he won't be worth anything but pennies!



    We're thrilled when confident hetero rugby player Thomas agrees to perform with us. He thinks he is so tough he can handle whatever we do to his fit muscular body. Here we take him to the limits of his endurance in a searing hot new video!

  • Bound and gagged
  • Stripped naked
  • Intox
  • Poppers attached to nostrils
  • Made to have an erection
  • Relentless CBT
  • Cock torment
  • Nipple clamps
  • Testicles squashed in vice
  • Arse caned
  • Anally wrecked
  • Anus drilled
  • Anal pounding
    Added 9th September 2020

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    Bound and gag a straight bodybuilder to a bench and you can systematically degrade and torment the cunt for hours. Here we relentless subject this bastard to a succession of agonies. Stripped naked to start the humiliation, it's fun to make a straight man snort 2 bottles of strong poppers to loosen up his tight arsehole and also mess with his head. No doubt boiling hot and with the room spinning, sweat streams down from his hairy pits. The tempting athlete is fondled to erection from 2 pairs of inquisitive hands. That big thick erection gets CBT from a load of chopsticks along his cock, sandwiching his stiffy from stem to tip. Then it's the nasty ball squasher to turn his precious gonads into a squashed hamburger. Clothes pegs biting all over his cock brings him around from his popper-induced intox. Muscular legs are tied back behind his head so his anus can have the full stretching treatment it deserves.

      We test its tensile strength then shove a dildo up it on the end of a power-tool. He endures a caning and nipple clamps before being properly drilled with the electric dildo-saw deep in his guts and at full pelt. We both grow rock hard witnessing this tearful, once proud sports hero, scream the place down in pain and humiliation.  


  • Bound
  • leg spreader
  • gagged
  • bum cheeks paddled
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • relentless humiliation
  • arse wrecked
  • CBT
    Added 23rd September 2020

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    Smug straight prick Thomas expects everyone to worship his gargantuan cock, but we're also keen on using and beating that fine muscular arse of his! Tied to the exam table with his legs trapped in a spreader there's nothing he can do to protect his precious round bum. The bastard panics as his thin white pants are destroyed leaving those meaty cheeks completely exposed! Adrian disciplines him paddling that arse till it's burning red. Thomas is so lithe and fit every muscle in his body ripples and tenses in resistance to the battering. His agony is intensified as Dave tears into his arsehole and rams his thick digits up this hetero boy's hole. He can feel that resistant opening widening as he relentlessly rams deep inside him. Thomas' arsehole is turned into a proper slutty cunt as it's viciously pummelled with a giant dildo. We bind his proud dick and nut sack with rope and weigh it down so heavily that tears stream from his eyes. Thomas is reduced to a bundle of raw nerves as we ceaselessly fuck him up and laugh in his furious face. Now we own his arse!



  • Bound in nothing but a jock strap
  • gagged
  • groped
  • arse beaten
  • supervised enema
  • sphincter cruelly stretched open
  • fucked with a giant dildo
    Added 7th October 2020

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    Furious hetero Thomas is disgusted that his arsehole is on display and there's nothing he can do to stop us! Look at that sexy pristine bumhole framed by nothing but his tight white jock strap. It's primed and ready to be destroyed! We don't care that he hurls insults and looks at us in contempt. His fit muscular body is ours to use and discipline however we desire. We order him to reveal to us how many times he's screwed chicks with that big impressive dick of his. Little does he know this is a wicked game where the number he reveals is the amount of times we're going to whack that big muscular arse of his. The pain is so intense Thomas is soon dripping in sweat. We ratchet up the tension even more as his anal cavity is squirted full of cold water and sealed with a butt plug. Dave presses down on his hard six pack causing the bastard absolute agony.

      His arsehole is so tight it won't release the plug but there's no room inside him for the reservoir trapped in his guts. When the pressure becomes too much the plug shoots out releasing a fountain of mucky water. Thomas is utterly humiliated by what a disgrace he's become! Now that he's cleaned out we plunge inside him stretching his hole and ruining this straight fucker's cunt!  


  • Stripped and degraded
  • dog training
  • ordered to crawl naked at our feet
  • boot worship
  • made to swallow our piss
  • palms belted
  • supervised wank
    Added 21st October 2020

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    Hetero Thomas considers himself so tough and strong he thought he could take anything we did to him. But he had no idea the blow his masculine pride would take in being so degraded and perversely used by insatiable men. Here we humiliate him so harshly and relentlessly that he's psychologically destroyed and physically exhausted! All this dumb cunt is good for is crawling naked across the floor with that sexy tempting arse pointed in the air and his huge bollocks swinging between his legs. We grind his face into our crotches and make him display his hole like a filthy slut. He used to think his big dick was the centre of the universe but we make him drag it across the filthy floor. While his hindquarters are magnificently on show we make him lick our mucky boots. Every time he disobeys or expresses his anger we administer swift whacks to his muscular bare body.

      The only sustenance we'll allow him is to lap up our stinking piss from a doggie bowl and the only pleasure we allow him is a limited amount of wanking time. Instead of being worshipped he must tug that giant cock while hunched on the floor like a desperate animal!