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  Sexy hetero rugby player Thomas comes to us wanting to start his modelling career but finds his limits stretched as he's sternly educated in how to be a willing cock slave.  
Age 36, Personal Trainer

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  • Groped in his rugby kit
  • nipples clamped
  • CBT
  • genitals collared
  • electro shocks to his balls
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
    Added 26th May 2021

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    Hetero Thomas has an incredibly fit body and a giant dick. And he's very smug and proud about it! He comes for a modelling job because he expects to be idolized and adored, but Dave's only desire is to turn him into a cocksucking whore and permanently ruin this horny bastard. He must stand in place to be pervily groped over the thin fabric of his rugby kit as Dave gets familiar with the terrain of this stupid athlete's well-toned body. This fit fucker radiates heat like hot metal! He deserves to be led around like a dog so Dave clamps a chain to Thomas' highly sensitive nipples. Now any light tug on that chain causes him intense pain and provokes him to instantly obey. The cunt is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples. To further his malleability an electric collar is attached around his great big balls and enormous donkey dick. With the press of a button this sexy prick gets zapped and he will do ANYTHING to make it stop.

      Even get on his knees to orally service Dave and Adrian's hard dicks with his sweet pink lips. Being a thick skulled rugby bastard his dick sucking skills are poor. So he needs to be rigorously trained in how to orally service cock. Thomas receives detailed instruction in how to pleasure the head and swallow the shaft so his nose is buried in a man's pubes. Any disobedience results in instant punishment! He's totally overwhelmed as hard dicks are insistently shoved in his face and he desperately does everything he can to stimulate them. This is what every fit athlete should be reduced to: body exposed, on his knees and struggling with every muscle in his body to sexually serve men.  


  • Ordered to display his arsehole
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • made to suck the cock that fucked him
  • humiliated
  • mouth filled with piss
    Added 9th June 2021

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    What a stunning sight it is to see this tough, young, muscular hetero rugby player on the floor with his bare arse pointed up! His sizeable genitals are locked in a shock device because any resistance will earn him a painful fucking zap to the nuts. Dave's erect dick can't wait any longer and he plunges straight into this bastard's tight cunt. While he angrily pounds Thomas' arse he demands that he simultaneously suck Adrian's cock. This fit hetero is completely overwhelmed being pounded at both ends. Under our command he's not allowed to do anything but service our dicks. Adrian and Dave switch so now Thomas must suck the hard cock that has just been plunged deep inside him. His sore arsehole has been loosened up for Adrian to thrust into that fine muscular arse and vigorously screw him. As Thomas continues to service Dave he's ordered to open his mouth wide.

      But instead of taking a man's load he's rewarded with a mouthful of fresh piss. Dave uses this straight fucker's gob as a urinal. Thomas is shocked and disgusted by the sheer volume of piss which gushes down his throat. Here he is soaked and stinking of urine while being fucked into the floor! That's how you turn an athlete into a cock hungry whore!