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  Sexy scally James has a big dick that needs to be tamed! He embraces the challenge of performing in our videos and the results of our controlling and dominating this horny bastard are fucking hot!  
Age 32, Barman

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  • Scally captured
  • gagged
  • clothes destroyed
  • hard dick secured to a bench
  • cock manipulated till he's leaking precum
  • rum
  • electro shocks to his dick and balls
  • genitals pegged
  • supervised douche
  • arse caned
  • fucked by a massive dildo
    Added 11th SEPTEMBER 2019

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    It's common to see aimless scally lads slouching about in doorways smoking and causing trouble. They lounge about scratching their big dicks and balls through their trackie bottoms while flaunting their lean sexy bodies. Adrian and Dave make a sport of hunting teasing hot fuckers like this. James makes a perfect target. And when the moment is just right we nab the sexy bastard! Adrian ties up this hetero and destroys his precious gear leaving him stark naked and vulnerable. Feckless young fellas like this have no control of their big stupid donkey dicks and James here has a massive easily excitable wang. His dick gets hard at the least provocation and Adrian mocks it strapping and securing it to the bench. James is consumed with fear but can do nothing to escape and is terrified of moving or his tumescent prick might be nailed down!

      It's agonizing to stay in place when sharp electric shocks are delivered to his nuts and the ripe head of his cock. But the bastard is helpless to prevent his dick's response as it oozes gallons of sticky precum. Adrian prepares James' primo arse by bending him over and exposing his tight hole. That virgin bum is pumped full of icy cold water but he's warned to keep it all inside for a deep cleanse even while his arse cheeks are repeatedly walloped with a cane. When the tension becomes too much James can't help releasing a hot stream of filthy water. It's so satisfying breaking into this feisty rascal's virgin arsehole stretching it open with a viciously relentless power tool. Now he's got a sloppy wet cunt ready for screwing. What a fucking slag!  


    James has an incredibly high sex drives and enjoys a good challenge so agrees to perform in our videos where we can make the best use of his big excitable dick!

  • Tied
  • gagged
  • nipples painfully clamped
  • dick sucked till it's very stiff
  • sphincter stretched open
  • fucked with a massive dildo
  • caned
  • made to rim a man
  • drained of his cum
    Added 25th September 2019

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    Hot hetero fucker James is a useless layabout so it's about time he was put to some good use! He's stretched out naked and tied in place so Dave can use his fit body and subject him to ruthless relentless BDSM. Normally this scally hangs out in doorways, smoking and giving a fuck the world attitude. Here his nipples are wrenched and his balls separated and weighed down so they are engorged and he's intensely aware of his humiliating subjugation. James' dick is so sensitive it's easily manipulated till he's got a big stonking boner. He writhes in pain fighting with every muscle in his body to get away but he's can't do anything to stop his pink arsehole being invaded! Dave rams his digits up his fuckhole widening his tight slit so he can be pounded full with a giant dildo. Tears run down his burning face as his arse is obliterated and his sensitive inner thighs are caned.

      This tough straight boy has never felt such pain in his life and will do anything to stop it even lick a man's stinking arsehole! While his tongue desperately laps at a man's sphincter, Dave aggressively pumps his dick till he's splashing his spunk all over the room. Now he's a proper bender!  


  • Humiliated
  • made to lick a toilet floor
  • boot worship
  • dog training
  • arse belted
  • fucked
  • arse crack and face drenched in piss
    Added 16th October 2019

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    This proud straight cunt is accustomed to walking around like he owns the place, but now his life will be nothing but absolute servitude. He's kept naked in the gents toilet for our use and abuse. And he's allowed zero privacy! No hiding away in the toilet stall to do his business! We drag him out and make him crawl on the sticky piss splattered floor. As Dave smokes and drops ash James must crawl after him desperately licking the filth up. His tongue is our mop cleaning every inch of this stinking hole. All the while his luscious arse is stuck up in the air with his arsehole on show and his great big useless knackers swinging between his legs. We make him kiss and worship our leather boots and if he fucks up he receives a severe lashing to his rump. James moans and silently weeps doing anything he can to appease. While James is face down serving Adrian takes advantage of this hetero's spread arse! He vigorously fucks him while James laps at Dave's boot.

      For his efforts he's bathed in piss. Adrian drenches his sort arsehole while Dave showers James' head in stinking piss. Now he understands he's sunk to the lowest of the low cowering naked on the bog room floor.  


  • Bound to a discipline bench
  • arse flogged and caned
  • bastinado foot caning
  • sphincter stretched open
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • belted
  • breath control
  • made to suck cock and make it hard to fuck him
  • mouth filled with cum
    Added 30th October 2019

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    Hetero James is in a total fucking panic! He's stark naked and bound to bench so he can do nothing to protect his exposed arsehole. Every muscle in his lithe body fights against the leather straps keeping him down but there's nothing he can do to escape. And his struggling only turns Dave on as it makes his muscles enticingly bulge and his great big heavy ball sack shake. What a turn on! As Dave warms his arse up delivering wicked lashes to his smooth cheeks James shouts angrily under his ball gag. As he gets so worked up his body becomes coated in a thing layer of sweat and the room fills with the heady aroma of this straight man's frustration and terror. James is ordered to present the sensitive soles of his feet which Dave wickedly lashes. This causes a pain so intense and acute that James will do literally anything to make it stop!

      During all James' struggling his bum has been wiggling so temptingly Dave plunges into it finger his arse and stretching his hole open and ramming him with a thick dildo. James is utterly humiliated to find himself growing a big hardon with his arse being pounded! Dave makes James suck his dick or else he's tighten his hands around his neck! James desperately slurps up Dave's shaft only to find he makes him so hard that Dave aggressively fucks him. This restrained hetero has no choice but to become a cum guzzling whore!  


  • Tied naked to the wall
  • thoroughly degraded
  • cock sucking training
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked
  • arsehole covered in cum
    Added 13th November 2019

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    Hetero James has an impressively big set of balls and a fat donkey dick. This gives him a lot of macho pride, but here he's taught that package is to be restrained and kept purely for our pleasure. His only purpose is to suck dick and swallow men's loads. Restrained and bound naked to the wall he has no choice but to service the stiff cock that's shoved down his throat. And once he's got us aching hard James is bent over naked and made to offer up his arsehole. Adrian loosens up his sweet fucking straight hole and readies him for a viciously hard fucking. As James lies there feeling the sperm dripping down his aching arse he's made crushingly aware how low he's fallen and that this will be his life from now on.



  • Handcuffed
  • dog training
  • face covered in piss
  • arse belted
  • ordered to lick our cocks clean
  • sucks two dicks at once
  • gagged on our erections
    Added 24th March 2021

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    Hetero James is now kept permanently naked. He must crouch in the corner of the room awaiting our orders. This pretty boy will make a good new pup and we train him how to submit like a good little doggie on a leash. He's desperate to empty his bladder but hunching on all fours with his leg cocked over a dish is too humiliating and the sorry bastard can only manage a few dribbles. If this fucker won't go we'll gladly use his embarrassed face as a urinal. We soak him in our piss and the proud cunt has had enough! We demand he lick every last drop of urine from our piss slits but he stubbornly refuses. It's necessary to correct that attitude. He's tied against the wall and we thrash his pert arse till he not only agrees but begs to suck our dicks clean. Down on his knees he struggles to service both our dicks at once. The more he wraps his lips around our shafts the harder we get. We become so impatient we ram both our cocks in his resistant gob at once. James is completely overwhelmed at his new lowly position as a dick sucking slut!



  • Bound and gagged
  • pants destroyed
  • arse caned
  • dick controlled
  • sphincter stretched open
  • fucked
    Added 7th April 2021

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    We position hetero James in the most vulnerable position possible! Stripped down with his legs spread in the air there's nothing between us and his tight virgin arsehole but a thin nearly transparent layer of white fabric. His hefty genitals are nicely bundled up in that pouch. He's terrified as we hover around him sliding our hands under the fabric of those pants and tearing it away so he's fully exposed. That arse is so tight and puckered and no matter how tightly he clenches his sphincter there's no stopping us from sliding into him whenever we want. Adrian squeezes that big healthy dick in his fist as it no longer belongs to straight boy James. What this fucker needs first is a good punishment so those pale arse cheeks are given a wicked thrashing that leaves them striped and covered in welts. The furious dunce uses every muscle in his body to fight against his binds as he desperately wants to protect his bum but there's no stopping us.

      Adrian uses a speculum to stretch open James' arsehole and the helpless sod is so humiliated he's driven to tears. We can make a pot of cash whoring out this hole but first we've got to try the goods. Dave plunges his stiff cock in filling James' arse up and simultaneously tugging on the hetero's dick. The whole time James' degradation is filmed so we can post it everywhere and everyone will know that this straight cunt is one massive anal slut!  


    James has an incredibly high sex drives and enjoys a good challenge so agrees to perform in our videos where we can make the best use of his big excitable dick!