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  Sexy straight city boy Ethan thinks he's tough enough to take whatever sadistic training we inflict upon him, but performing in our videos viciously tests his willpower more than he ever believed possible!    
Age 21, Businessmen

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  • Stripped of his suit
  • rope bound
  • nipples clamped
  • sub training
  • gagged
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • sphincter stretched
    Added 27th January 2021

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    Sexy businessmen like Ethan swagger down the street like they own it with their prominent bulges and smug grins. But when stock prices come crashing down and he loses all his money partying or at the roulette table, he's as desperate as the next man and will to do anything for money. Ethan's so fucking confident he thinks he can take anything sadistic pervs like us can inflict upon him. He's all stern faced macho confidence but here we get a thrill from breaking his willpower and training him in absolute compliance! This city boy is systematically stripped of his expensive suit and left totally exposed. With his arms bound behind his back there's nothing he can do to stop us humiliating him and cruelly training him to obey. That fat schlong of his is so sensitive all it takes is some expert stroking to get this bad boy angrily erect.

      He also must surrender his arse to us as we wrench his cheeks apart to gander at his perfect pink virgin bum hole and work our warm wet fingers inside him. With Ethan firmly tied and fixed in place he struggles with every muscle in his body to escape but there's no way of getting out of this now and this tough lad is fucking panicking!  


  • Bound
  • gagged
  • dick manipulated till hard
  • CBT
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • arse caned
  • nipples pegged
    Added 10th February 2021

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    Tied to the exam table in nothing but his tight white pants, hetero Ethan's body is spread out for us like a banquet to use or discipline as we see fit. That bulging package is too inviting! We want this bastard to truly understand what it means to be a ravenous bathhouse slut desperate to be wanked off and fucked! With a little encouragement from poppers attached under his nose and some expert manipulation to his cock, his manhood is achingly hard and straining for attention. This straight boy's foreskin is so fucking tight his wetly gleaming glans barely peek through the opening. His boner is so stiff that Dave relishes bending it down to cause the fucker absolute agony. We clamp his shaft with chopsticks and crush his balls making him experience the most acute pain of his life. That big fat sucker now belongs to us! We shame him pointing out the gleaming strands of precum seeping from his cock.

      Now that we've taken control of his package we expose his perfect virgin pink arsehole. That hole is prepped with a fat dildo jackhammering into his arse until it's ripped open and ready for customers. His arsehole is loosened like a true slag's now. We mercilessly cane his arse cheeks till they are striped. Ethan moans and uselessly flails his legs desperate for escape but the pounding to his arse will be cruelly relentless because it's what he deserves.  


  • Tied
  • leg spreader
  • dick manipulated
  • erection exposed
  • fucked with a massive dildo
  • arse flogged
  • humiliated
  • fucked
    Added 24th February 2021

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    Hetero Ethan is swiftly learning the minute by minute tension of being in constant bondage. With his arms painfully secured behind his back and his legs locked in place, he has no way of fending off Dave from wrenching his shorts to wedge up his arse crack. He's desperately embarrassed about the uncontrollable erection he's sporting after Dave skilfully strokes him to excitement. That great big stiff dong is exposed as Adrian destroys the straight bastard's shorts. His stiffy bounces around the more he struggles to try to hide it. But we're not going to allow him to empty his balls. Not when that sexy pert arse is sticking up in the air begging to be destroyed! His saliva is used to lube up a fat dildo which Adrian rams up the cunt's arse. He steadily stretches his sphincter open while Dave disciplines his arse by repeatedly lashing it.

      Now that Ethan's bum has been prepared Dave whips out his dick and uses the fucker's spit to slick up his steadily growing erection. This hetero is mercilessly pounded till his hole is fucked raw and he can feel Dave's balls slamming against his arse cheeks. Ethan groans in agony under his ball gag having no way to make it stop.