Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Sexy hetero Lucas wants to make some quick money by performing in our video, but finds himself stretched to the brink of his endurance in this explosive new video!  
Age 32, Unemployed

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  • Stripped naked
  • leashed
  • dog training
  • showered in piss
  • humiliated
  • arse belted
  • ordered to clean our dick
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
    Added 28th July 2021

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    Hetero Lucas is a fit, muscular basketball player in the prime of health. He likes to live the high life and treat his girlfriend to expensive gifts. Now he's run up a massive debt and he's desperate for cash. He reasons that signing up for a session submitting to a couple of pervy homos is a fast track to quick easy money. This dumb fucker has no idea what he's got himself in for! He can easily shrug off the shame of stripping and even crawling naked at our feet. But Dave soon shows him the seriousness of his total subjugation and humiliation by pissing directly over his handsome face. It's not easy to smugly grin back at us when he's dripping in stinking hot piss! He absolutely refuses to put our dicks in his mouth so he needs his first harsh punishment. For such a tough muscular bastard he struggles to take much of a beating on his arse. As soon as those bum cheeks are burning in pain he breaks.

      Down on his knees with both our hard cocks shoved in his face he's overwhelmed by the reality of his situation. We give precise instruction for how to pleasure our massive boners and under our stern orders he strains to fit both our dicks in his mouth at once. This hot masculine bastard finally realises how low he's fallen as the raw stench of our cocks fills his nostrils and he can taste our precum on his tongue. Staring into the camera he knows that everyone now knows it too!  


  • Restrained
  • gagged
  • underwear destroyed
  • arse caned
  • fucked with a vibrator
  • electro shocks to his genitals
  • fucked while being mocked
    Added 11th August 2021

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    Lucas is strung up spreadeagle in nothing but his tight white pants which show off his big bulge and arse crack. The straight fucker is furious so Dave silences him by taping over his mouth. When Adrian shreds his underwear that tempting tight arsehole is fully revealed as are his todger and big heavy nut sack. Tied in this lowly position Lucas is consumed with the overwhelming shame of his situation. He can’t bear to look in the camera we keep shoving in his face. But his exposure is absolute and every second of his subjugation is being permanently recorded. We mark our claim on that fine arse by caning his cheeks till they’re striped red. His bum hole is so tight it takes a good firm plunging with a vibrator to stretch that sphincter. We want to see his pleading eyes looking down the lens at the customers, but he keeps averting his gaze. The only way to teach him right is to shock his precious assets to the point where he obeys.

      Looking at the men filming his subjugation is so shameful tears run down his face. Dave has had enough of this evasive fucker and whips his trousers down to aggressively plunge into his arse. He slams so hard into this heterosexual that Lucas can only moan in rage while Dave’s balls slap against his arse cheeks. Lucas uses every muscle in his body to fight against his restrains but resisting is totally futile.  


  • Bound in a jock strap
  • gagged
  • sphincter stretched with a giant dildo
  • arse flogged
  • tears and drool used as lube
  • humiliated
  • fucked
    Added 18th August 2021

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    Straight men like Lucas claim to wear jock straps to prevent their great big dicks and balls from jostling about too much while running up and down the court. But we all know that these sluts really use them to frame their arses and tease us to the point of sexual frenzy. Well it's time this selfish cunt gets the discipline he deserves for being such a cock tease! Lucas is bound with his powerful arms behind his back and his legs are clamped in a spreader. There's absolutely nothing he can do to stop us shredding his basketball shorts and jock strap to reveal his meaty package. Bent over and restrained he's in the perfect position for us to dive into his arse. First Dave uses a mighty fat dildo to loosen up his arsehole. Lucas is so furious and in pain tears drip down his face and drool spills from his mouth. It's the perfect moisture Adrian wants to slick up his hard cock which he rubs all over this humiliated bastard's face.

      Lucas howls under his gag as he feels a stiff dick plunging into his bum to vigorously fuck him. He's totally overwhelmed as there will be no end to his subjugation and his captors laugh in his stricken face.  


  • Tied naked
  • nipples pegged
  • collared
  • humiliated
  • flogged
  • sphincter stretched with a giant dildo
  • ball busting
  • ordered to lick balls and jerk off two cocks
  • face covered in cum
    Added 25th August 2021

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    Lucas is one strong and ferociously proud straight man! To be strung up naked while completely starkers and men ogle his sexy body is a humiliation that he cannot tolerate. He thrashes from side to side using all his strength to break his bonds but there's no way for him to free himself. The sooner he learns to submit the better it will be for him. But, of course, his stupid fucking precious hetero dignity won't allow him to easily consent. Our polite requests for a hand job are met with angry rejoinders. As a consequence we have no choice but to inflict vicious punishment on him flogging his back, pounding his tight arsehole and kicking the dumb lunk in the nuts! When we've well and truly humbled him he's leashed and on his knees. Though he's broken and exhausted he struggles desperately to avoid further punishment by pleasuring our cocks. We train him to give a satisfying hand job and lick our testicles.

      We're driven to such a state of excitement we jizz all over his sexy fucking face. How the mighty have fallen!  


  • Bound
  • pants wedged up his arse crack
  • thrashed
  • CBT
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • body pegged
  • ruined orgasm
    Added 8th September 2021

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    This hard hetero bastard can't stand being groped by other men. With his arms and legs tied securely and in nothing but his tight white underwear there's nothing he can do to prevent us pressing against his body and sliding our hands down to his nether regions. We slide those pants so high up Lucas' bum that we can see the dark hairs circling his sphincter poking out. He can't stand the pressure of that wedgie so we relieve it by destroying his underwear. Now his arse is fully exposed and his great big dong is hanging out in the open. He desperately wants to prevent us from using him sexually so we have to discipline him until he submits. With his precious genitals weighed down painfully and his backside receiving a vicious walloping, Lucas will agree to anything! We make him watch us skilfully stroking and massaging his cock till he helplessly grows a strong erection.

      The fact that a man is arousing him so intensely is deeply shameful to this proud straight man. Dave stealthily attaches pegs down his body and though Lucas resists with all his might he can't stop the urge to ejaculate. When he does those clips are ripped away causing a searing sensation of simultaneous pleasure and pain which he will never forget. Look at those great big red welts on his muscular body and his aching fully drained cock!  


  • Stripped
  • examined and groped
  • electro shocks to his balls
  • humiliated
  • ordered to expose himself
  • arse belted
  • made to fuck himself
  • covered in piss
    Added 27th April 2022

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    Hetero Lucas believes he's as hard as nails. He's always at the gym training his body and building his muscles for boxing matches. Whenever this prize fighter isn't working out or in battle he's screwing his girlfriend. Here he receives a form of vicious tutelage which he can't get at the athletic club. We put his taut manly body to good use stripping and degrading him in the most perverse ways imaginable. When he's fully declothed we examine his big healthy cock and how there isn't an ounce of fat on his body. We have a good feel to find Lucas is taut and finely muscled for combat. That proud manly body now only exists to serve us. And we want to see it working in the most humiliating way possible. Under our firm direction he scrubs the floor with a brush clenched in his teeth while inadvertently flashing his body for the camera. A special collar is attached around his nut sack so that any slackening earns him a sharp zap to his sensitive balls.

      Dave amps up the cruelty by also delivering smacks to Lucas' arse with his leather belt. We make him lube up a dildo with his own saliva before ordering him to sit on it. We make him bounce up and down like an insatiable whore. Just when Lucas thought it couldn't get any more degrading we whip out our dicks to cover his proud naked body in our hot stinking piss. This tough guy's physique is soon aching in a way very different from when he's in the boxing ring because here he's also burning with shame and anger!  


  • Tied
  • gagged
  • groped
  • spanked
  • dick manipulated till erect
  • sphincter stretched
  • nipples pegged
  • suspended and exposed
  • fucked with a vibrator
    Added 18th May 2022

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    Hetero Lucas is a keen footballer so we tie him up when he's in his full gear. Just feeling his muscular body through that sheer fabric and seeing his bulge strain against those tight white shorts gets us rearing to fuck him up and fuck him. His arms are secured behind his back and his head is suspended to them so his movement is severely restricted. He sits helplessly on Adrian's lap while his arse is groped. We ram our fingers up his tight arse and examine how his sphincter feels through those sporty shorts. While Dave secures him to the ceiling Adrian makes Lucas stroke his cock through his jeans so Lucas knows what it's like to make a man hard. We slide his shorts down to his ankles and wedge his pants deep up his arse crack. Lucas is bound so tightly now he is utterly helpless. We tease his dick so his big angry erection stands out prominently. Adrian rams his finger up his hole to stimulate his g-spot making Lucas desperate to cum.

      But we're not going to give this straight bastard any satisfaction. Instead we bind him to a block and secure a vibrator up his arse. It's fixed in place so he feels it constantly pressing against his insides. All he can do is groan pathetically while his arse is constantly intruded. When we started Lucas was such a tough sportsman, but now he looks like a massive gay whore and trussed up gimp with his arse in the air and a vibrating dildo up his fuck hole!