Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  We're hungry for a bit of rough and straight Gareth is a prime hunk of beef we're aching to try. We suspend this feisty hot fucker up, tear his clothes off and tame his cock and arse!  
Age 27, Warehouse worker

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SESSION SIX              

  Nabbed, clothes shredded, gagged, sphincter stretched, spanked, cock and balls restrained, flogged, CBT.  
Added 13th March 2019

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Builders are famous for catcalling chicks who pass by construction sites. Little do they know how much we lust after these big meaty hunks as well! Especially when they are bending over or sweating under the strain of hauling concrete. Gareth is a fucking hot tattooed bit of rough we spy swaggering down the street after a long hard day. We subdue him and transport him back into our lair to tie him up and have our way. Those damn tracksuit loose tracksuit bottoms are torn from his body so his hunky muscular form is fully on show. Dave seizes Gareth's dick making the feisty lad fly into a furious rage! But once Dave wrenches his tight arse cheeks apart to slide a digit up his hole the proud hetero boy feels absolute fury. Every muscle in his body strains to break free from his bonds but Gareth can't prevent Dave from binding up his dick and balls. Dave inflicts serious discipline on the straight lad smacking his arse repeatedly and flogging his sensitive genitals till the enraged tough boy is howling under his gag!





Newbie Gareth is completely hetero but willing to perform in our videos for the right cash. He's an excellent performer and we were thrilled to be the first to work with him!

  Strapped down, gagged, flogged, spanking, CBT, bastinado, sphincter stretched, screwed with dildo, tag team fucking, arsehole covered in cum  
Added 27th March 2019

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Hot tattooed builder Gareth is strapped naked to our discipline bench wearing nothing but his grubby workman's boots. The furious bastard fights against his manacles and warns us to steer clear of his precious hetero bumhole. He's not in a position to make any demands and we fucking let him know it warming up his meaty arse lashing it and beating it with our bare hands. Gareth still bucks against us when we sidle up to hump his behind so to hold him in place we attach wicked clamps to his delicate foreskin and suspend it so any sudden movement will cause him excruciating pain. Still he resists and we won't be happy till this straight bastard is begging us to fuck his cunt. We mercilessly cane his feet and break open his virgin arsehole with a massive thick dildo. Now the runway is clear we shove our cocks up him, sadistically pounding his hole while he moans pathetically. Adrian bathes Gareth's sore arsehole with his sperm and secures it up him with a butt plug. Now the sorry fucker is painfully aware that our little swimmers are sloshing around inside of him and there's nothing he can do about it!





  • Bound
  • gagged
  • sphincter stretched with a fat dildo
  • CBT
  • arse flogged
  • arsehole filled with a vibrator
  • face covered in piss
    Added 10th April 2019

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    Hetero Gareth is one confident angry fucker. He's so certain of taking his revenge he arrogantly proclaims how he'll beat the hell out of us filthy queers once he's free. But he's not free, is he? The hairy masculine bastard's trussed up like a turkey with his dick hanging out and his tempting straight arsehole on show! He quickly learns just how perilous his position is when Adrian breaks open his tight cunt ramming a big thick dildo up his resistant hole. Every muscle in Gareth's body fights against this invasion but there's nothing he can do to stop his sphincter being widened because his limbs are so firmly tied. Gareth is shut up with a gag, but Adrian gets a better idea. He shoves the dildo that stinks and tastes of Gareth's arsehole into this proud fucker's gob. Gareth's foreskin is clamped and his goolies are suspended so he's achingly aware they belong to us now. With a vibrator fixed up his fuckhole he feels his guts being constantly pounded. And to further shame the feisty bastard Adrian douses his hot angry face with a stinking stream of piss! Gareth's promise of revenge looks fucking feeble now!





  • Tied
  • spanked
  • gagged
  • caned
  • bastinado
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked
  • arsehole covered in cum
    Added 24th April 2019

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    Bound with his legs akimbo sporty hot straight bastard Gareth has never look sexier. Seeing this hairy beast struggle and hearing him swear at Dave approaching him is such a turn on. Those tight white pants barely conceal the big mound of his genitals or the tempting dark crevice of his arsehole. Gareth is reduced to an animal howling and growling at Dave's pervy groping. This bad boy is disciplined with a leather strap walloping his arse till it turns crimson red. Dave riles him up more caning the tender soles of his feet which causes a pain so excruciating every muscle in this big lug's body fights to release himself. But the infuriated fucker must submit to his sphincter being aggressively stretched open to the point where it's gaping purple red as if begging for a cock. Gareth moans in disgust as Dave slams repeatedly into him, fucking him hard while staring directly into this hetero's eyes. He spunks all over Gareth's excruciatingly sore arse and shames the bastard covering Gareth's face in cum and spit.





  • Tied naked
  • arsehole
  • wrenched open
  • bum trained to take big cocks
  • fucked with a vibrator
  • anal hook
  • cock wanked
  • balls drained
  • fucked
    Added 8th May 2019

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    Adrian knows hetero Gareth's sort. He struts around with his big tempting arse. He'd bash any man for looking at it, but now he's not in a position to stop us. His hot masculine body is totally on display as he's strapped down like a wild stallion. He's going to train Gareth to be exactly like the filthy slags he and his mates like to screw on wild weekend nights. We're going to make some good coin whoring out this cunt. Gareth's arsehole is worked over to stretch it open and keep him in position to take cock after cock in a relentless gang bang. He feels the tip of a vibrator tickling his guts like how men's dicks will soon be pounding against his prostate. Adrian manipulates the bastard's dick until he's got a red angry hard on and spills his sperm. He uses the hetero's spunk to lube up his hole and fuck him hard because of course he has to sample the goods before whoring him out.





  • Gagged
  • stripped
  • groped
  • flogged
  • taught to wank a man's cock
  • sphincter stretched
  • nipples clamped
  • foreskin clamped
  • CBT
    Added 20th May 2020

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    Hetero athlete Gareth spends all his time training and working out but now we've got him in our lair his fit muscular body is entirely for our use. He's accustomed to being the dominant one who calls the shots. Here he must obey. Firstly we need to gag him with rope which simultaneously winches him to the ceiling keeping him in place. With his arms tied behind his back and his ankles shackled he can't wriggle away from us so we have free access to his hairy masculine body, the full pouch of his jock strap and that sexy round arse. Suspended on his tip toes he must struggle every second and gasp for breath while we enjoy his manly body on display. We severely lash the dopey cunt showing we're in complete control of him now and he must obey or there will be severe consequences. Gareth must struggle to shimmy out of his jock strap while completely restrained to give us a strip show.


    With his hands tightly bound behind his back he strains to pleasure Dave's hardening dick. Adrian breaks his virgin anus digging into his big hairy arse and stretching his tight hole open. With his sensitive nipples and foreskin clamped Gareth is trembling with the unbearable physical strain. Every second of this bondage is agony but we leave him in this position so Gareth has no idea when it will end. His only relief can come from us and this will make him a very obedient new hetero slave!