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  Sexy hetero rugby player Thomas comes to us wanting to start his modelling career but finds his limits stretched as he's sternly educated in how to be a willing cock slave.  
Age 36, Footballer

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  • Groped in his rugby kit
  • nipples clamped
  • CBT
  • genitals collared
  • electro shocks to his balls
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
    Added 26th May 2021

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    Hetero Thomas has an incredibly fit body and a giant dick. And he's very smug and proud about it! He comes for a modelling job because he expects to be idolized and adored, but Dave's only desire is to turn him into a cocksucking whore and permanently ruin this horny bastard. He must stand in place to be pervily groped over the thin fabric of his rugby kit as Dave gets familiar with the terrain of this stupid athlete's well-toned body. This fit fucker radiates heat like hot metal! He deserves to be led around like a dog so Dave clamps a chain to Thomas' highly sensitive nipples. Now any light tug on that chain causes him intense pain and provokes him to instantly obey. The cunt is thoroughly humbled being led around by his nipples. To further his malleability an electric collar is attached around his great big balls and enormous donkey dick. With the press of a button this sexy prick gets zapped and he will do ANYTHING to make it stop.

      Even get on his knees to orally service Dave and Adrian's hard dicks with his sweet pink lips. Being a thick skulled rugby bastard his dick sucking skills are poor. So he needs to be rigorously trained in how to orally service cock. Thomas receives detailed instruction in how to pleasure the head and swallow the shaft so his nose is buried in a man's pubes. Any disobedience results in instant punishment! He's totally overwhelmed as hard dicks are insistently shoved in his face and he desperately does everything he can to stimulate them. This is what every fit athlete should be reduced to: body exposed, on his knees and struggling with every muscle in his body to sexually serve men.  


    Sporty straight man Thomas has it all: rugged good looks, a stunningly fit muscular body and a giant snake of a dick. Heís the perfect candidate to be humbled and trained in how to submit. He willingly comes to us to perform in the most perverse and transformative session of his life! The result is explosive!

  • Ordered to display his arsehole
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • made to suck the cock that fucked him
  • humiliated
  • mouth filled with piss
    Added 9th June 2021

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    What a stunning sight it is to see this tough, young, muscular hetero rugby player on the floor with his bare arse pointed up! His sizeable genitals are locked in a shock device because any resistance will earn him a painful fucking zap to the nuts. Dave's erect dick can't wait any longer and he plunges straight into this bastard's tight cunt. While he angrily pounds Thomas' arse he demands that he simultaneously suck Adrian's cock. This fit hetero is completely overwhelmed being pounded at both ends. Under our command he's not allowed to do anything but service our dicks. Adrian and Dave switch so now Thomas must suck the hard cock that has just been plunged deep inside him. His sore arsehole has been loosened up for Adrian to thrust into that fine muscular arse and vigorously screw him. As Thomas continues to service Dave he's ordered to open his mouth wide.

      But instead of taking a man's load he's rewarded with a mouthful of fresh piss. Dave uses this straight fucker's gob as a urinal. Thomas is shocked and disgusted by the sheer volume of piss which gushes down his throat. Here he is soaked and stinking of urine while being fucked into the floor! That's how you turn an athlete into a cock hungry whore!  


  • Strapped to a discipline bench
  • jockstrap destroyed
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse flogged till it's red
  • ordered to suck cock
  • taught to pleasure a man's erection
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arsehole covered in two loads of cum
  • sperm fucked into his arse
  • humiliated
    Added 7th July 2021

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    With all the time sportsmen spend teasing us by bending over on the field while competing in a match, we're fully justified in securing this straight athlete to a discipline bench with his jock strap-framed bare arse sticking up in the air. There's nothing he can do to stop us invading his virgin arsehole! Thomas futilely fights against his restraints and swears at us, but we make it painfully clear that if he doesn't comply he will be severely punished. We want to hear him begging to suck our cocks without being told to and when he fails to do so Adrian lashes that big muscular arse till it's burning red. Thomas desperately sucks on Dave's big dick and when this straight bastard has sufficiently excited him Dave plunges into Thomas' arse. He angrily screws him while Adrian simultaneously fucks his mouth. This big muscle boy is pinned between two cocks! Thomas is totally overwhelmed and feels a hot fresh load landing on his arse crack as Dave ejaculates over it.

      Adrian is right behind him using that jizz as lube to screw this hetero's arse further. All those swimmers are pounded deep inside him! Just when Thomas feels like his anal pounding will never end he feels a second man's load shot over his painfully sore bum hole. What a sloppy cum-filled whore this athlete has become!  


  • Restrained and gagged
  • fully exposed
  • sphincter stretched with a fat dildo
  • arse belted
  • fucked
  • humiliated
  • face pissed on
    Added 21st July 2021

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    Hetero Thomas is a dangerous muscular beast and he must be restrained at all times! This furious rugby fucker would tear us apart if he could get his hands on us. But in this position we have all the control and power. We enjoy ourselves groping his fucking fit body and pressing our bodies against him while all he can do is moan and wrestle against his bindings trying to break free. As we destroy his shorts his fat cock and big pendulous balls spill into view. Dave thrusts a big dildo in front of his face and orders him to dribble his saliva on it. If he doesnít this dildo will go into his arse dry and painfully raw! Itís such a rush watching this masculine bastard desperately strain to spit onto the instrument which is about to fuck him. Before he can fully slick it up Dave rams it into Thomasí tight arsehole to stretch it open. As he insistently rams it in Thomasí sphincter is loosened against his will.

      At the same time Adrian thrashes Thomas’ arse cheeks in punishment. It turns Adrian on so much he pulls out his erection and lubes it up with this fucker’s tears. Now that this athlete’s back opening has been widened Adrian plunges in and ruthlessly screw him. While Thomas is wincing at the sensation of a real cock pounding inside him Dave pisses all over his face. This proud straight cunt will never overcome the shame!  


  • Roped
  • cock and balls restrained
  • thrashed
  • ordered to arouse a manís dick
  • hands cuffed
  • required to sit on a stiff cock
  • fucked
    Added 4th August 2021

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    Straight man Thomas is immensely proud of his fit muscular body. It only seems right to show it off to the best effect. We restrain him with his limbs spread while heís stark naked so his body is fully on show no matter how much he struggles to cover it. To keep him in place Dave also binds the bastardís immense dick and bollocks and anchors them to the floor. The only way heís getting out of these restraints is by agreeing to sit on Adrianís cock like a whore. We want to hear him begging to fuck himself on our throbbing erections. Any refusal is met with a sound thrashing. Heís like a warrior and we demand he take his punishment like one. His back and arse burn in pain from each whack. We could go on for hours but Thomas soon canít take it anymore and grudgingly agrees to sexually service us. First he has to arouse Adrian and we demand that he wank and suck that cock till itís very hard. Thomas must make good on his promise and fuck himself on that stiff dick.

      He winces with shame as he backs down onto Adrian’s lap and feels that cock sliding up inside him. Dave leashes the bastard’s genitals while Thomas is riding Adrian. This rugby man has effectively been turned into a cheap prostitute grinding down on men’s laps!  


  • Nabbed in the locker room
  • tied
  • gagged
  • groped
  • arse whipped and paddled
  • arsehole beaten with a riding crop
  • anal cleaning
  • nipples and cock pegged
  • humiliated
  • arse filled with a butt plug
    Added 1st September 2021

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    Look at this fit, sexy straight man who works out all afternoon teasing us with his muscles and tight arse. As if to emphasize how unattainable he is, he makes a loud call to the wife letting her know he'll be home soon. Not likely! We take total control of this proud bastard and gives his impressive body the discipline it fucking deserves! Soon all those muscles are straining for freedom and we can handle his body however we please. The pouch of that jockstrap is so full and emits a rich masculine scent which drives us wild. We clutch his massive dick and beat his arse till it's glowing red. Pulling his cheeks apart we even smack his precious pink sphincter! This hetero is made even more furious when we shove a tube up his bum. With his anal cavity filled with freezing water he's desperate to push it out but we demand he hold it in or the punishment will be severe.

      We really make him struggle as his round arse is given a further beating. Soon he can't hold it in any longer and it's squirting out of him. Thomas can only weep with the all consuming shame of his predicament. Just moments ago this proud hubby was on his way home to screw his wife but now we've degraded him so thoroughly he's permanently ruined.  



  • Arms restrained
  • collared
  • cock measured
  • ball busting
  • CBT
  • dick manipulated
  • made to worship cock and arse
  • turned into a human urinal
    Added 27th October 2021

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    We've tied hetero Thomas in the perfect position to display both his fit muscular torso and enormous bulge. Even though he can't stop us this bastard is a fighter! As soon as we approach him with a pervy look in our eyes he does whatever he can to combat us. Dave finds it necessary to attach a collar and leash to hold the furious fucker back. Now there's nothing he can do to stop Adrian groping his great big dick and destroying his pants so that meaty weapon falls out into the open. When evaluate and measure his schlong he defensively defends the size of his tool. We need to show this cunt that his precious package isn't the centre of the world. That large pink sack of nuts is so vulnerable and exposed all it takes is a small kick to cause this strong man excruciating pain. As we repeatedly smash his nuts he gets queasy, his muscular body becomes covered in sweat and he trembles in agony.

      We want to hear him submit so repeatedly bust his balls till he complies. Now we've got this prick on camera begging for Dave's cock, worshipping his nuts and kissing his arsehole. What's more we use his gob as a piss pot as Dave urinates directly into his mouth and he's ordered to swallow copious amounts of hot stinking piss! We've turned this proud straight fucker into our gay slave!  


  • Gagged
  • restrained
  • suit destroyed
  • CBT
  • arse flogged and caned
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a vibrator
  • blindfolded
  • nipples and dick pegged
    Added 17th November 2021

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    Hetero Thomas is so fucking vain! He struts around his office with his good looks, muscular body and a big bulge in his trousers teasing all his work mates. The suited cunt thinks he can turn us on and there won't be any consequences. It's time for this fucking bastard to give us what we want and work hard to sexually satisfy us. We gag and tie him up with his legs spread like a whore. Adrian systematically destroys his smart trousers till his arsehole is exposed and his giant dick and balls spill out into the open. Dave ties up his bulging genitals while Adrian thrashes his arse till it's glowing red. When Dave whacks him with a cane Thomas moans and thrashes about desperate to escape. Everyone in his office has dreamed of fucking that perfect round muscular arse of his so we prepare him for a royal screwing. His hole is stretched wide open and a vibrator is secured in place so he knows the sensation of being constantly fucked.

      We blindfold him so he has no clue what's coming at him. Watch how his legs tremble and his genitals go purple at the ceaseless pressure. Every sensitive area of his body is under such strain it's fucking unbearable for him! What a centrepiece this humiliated and exposed fucker will make for the office party!  


  • Bound naked on his hands and knees
  • gagged
  • anal hook
  • arse lashed
  • arse fucked with a giant dildo
  • dick and balls bound
  • nipples clamped
  • electro shocks
  • cock milked
  • fed his own sperm
    Added 15th December 2021

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    How many times have I gazed hungrily at rugby players bent over on the field in his tight shorts?! These teasing sluts are asking for it! Now I've restrained fucking hot hetero Thomas in exactly the same position while he's stark naked. He can't move an inch from this position so his big muscular sporty arse is pointed in the air for me to punish and enjoy however I please. He fights against his restraints and groans in frustration beneath his gag. I restrain this furious stallion even further by sliding an anal hook up his arse. Now he can't move at all without risking serious damage to his precious sphincter. This is the perfect time to lash his arse. It's sheer agony for his sore cheeks to receive a beating and it takes all his willpower to not leap off the table. Notice how his feet desperately wriggle against the intense punishment. I can't resist ramming his arse and filling him with a giant dildo to steadily fuck him while tugging on his cock.

      Thomas is like a wild beast that needs to be milked. Dave wants to get in on the fun and takes things even further clamping humiliating little bells to his nips and roping up his great big knackers so they turn purple. Our restrained straight bitch is gasping for breath and seething in anger. While he continues to get rammed up the arse Dave simultaneously administers electro shocks to the most sensitive parts of his body. Thomas' senses are totally fucked by this point and he has absolutely no control over his cock anymore which grows throbbing hard in my fist. I mercilessly tug on his manhood till he spills his seed like a shameless slut. I reckon this hetero has always been curious about the taste of his own spunk. After lapping it up I feed it back to him giving him a big wet kiss on the mouth so his semen drips down his lips. If only his rugby mates could see him now!.  


  • Restrained naked in a degrading position
  • humiliated
  • genitals pegged
  • sphincter stretched
  • vibrator fixed up his arse
  • foreskin clamped
  • arse caned
  • hot wax dripped on his genitals
    Added 29th December 2021

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    Hetero Thomas is fucking horrified and furious that we find increasingly humiliating and painful ways to restrain him so he's utterly exposed and vulnerable. Here he is stark naked with legs and arms akimbo and a big gag in his mouth so he can't scream out for help. And we feel a burning sadistic need to punish this bastard in the way he deserves. We want to see his wide eyed fear staring up at us. That tension of not knowing what debased and cruel thing we'll do to him next is fucking delicious. His precious genitals are his pride and joy but we truss them up and peg them so his bits are in constant agony. Dave rams a vibrator up Thomas' pussy so it's constantly buzzing up inside his guts stimulating him against his will. Thomas feels blissful release when his genitals are unpegged and treated kindly.

      We want him begging us to stroke his genitals and alternate treating him kindly with absolute viciousness restraining his foreskin so his glans are painfully revealed. His arse is given a walloping so the sensation of being relentlessly fucked by the vibrator is heightened. His penis and balls are now so tender and sore that anything touching them will cause him immense pain. Drips of hot wax to his genitals raises his suffering to a mind blowing level! Thomas is hoarse spitting his furious words at us so we need to train him in what happens to such a potty mouth. This sterling example of manhood has been completely reduced to pathetic laughing stock!  


  • Stripped
  • bound
  • nipples clamped
  • humiliated
  • ball gagged
  • groped
  • giant dick wanked
  • sphincter stretched
    Added 18th January 2023

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    Tough hetero rugby man Thomas thinks he's onto a good thing. He knows how much we thirst after his perfectly toned muscular body and big dangly cock. As he thinks he's clever he makes the decision to get queers to pay him lots of money for showing off his body. Well we're going to show him what it really means to be a whore for gays by making him our captive slut! We tightly restrain that rippling hard body so his big muscles are rendered completely useless. Our cocks get aching hard seeing him stripped down to nothing but his sexy jock strap. And just look at the giant fucking python he's got between his legs when we strip him stark naked! Even when we clamp his pert nipples so he's in acute pain he keeps a stiff expression. His face doesn't betray any emotion until we dig into that pristine virgin arsehole. Then he's slowly stricken with panic as he realises he can't do move an inch and two insatiable sadists are tearing into his arsehole without restraint. When we get through with disciplining and using his fit manly body he won't be worth anything but pennies!



  • Bound and gagged
  • Stripped naked
  • Intox
  • Poppers attached to nostrils
  • Made to have an erection
  • Relentless CBT
  • Cock torment
  • Nipple clamps
  • Testicles squashed in vice
  • Arse caned
  • Anally wrecked
  • Anus drilled
  • Anal pounding
    Added 1st February 2023

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    Bound and gag a straight bodybuilder to a bench and you can systematically degrade and torment the cunt for hours. Here we relentless subject this bastard to a succession of agonies. Stripped naked to start the humiliation, it's fun to make a straight man snort 2 bottles of strong poppers to loosen up his tight arsehole and also mess with his head. No doubt boiling hot and with the room spinning, sweat streams down from his hairy pits. The tempting athlete is fondled to erection from 2 pairs of inquisitive hands. That big thick erection gets CBT from a load of chopsticks along his cock, sandwiching his stiffy from stem to tip. Then it's the nasty ball squasher to turn his precious gonads into a squashed hamburger. Clothes pegs biting all over his cock brings him around from his popper-induced intox. Muscular legs are tied back behind his head so his anus can have the full stretching treatment it deserves.

      We test its tensile strength then shove a dildo up it on the end of a power-tool. He endures a caning and nipple clamps before being properly drilled with the electric dildo-saw deep in his guts and at full pelt. We both grow rock hard witnessing this tearful, once proud sports hero, scream the place down in pain and humiliation.  


  • Bound
  • leg spreader
  • gagged
  • bum cheeks paddled
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • relentless humiliation
  • arse wrecked
  • CBT
    Added 15th February 2023

    Video 11:05       83 Pictures



    Smug straight prick Thomas expects everyone to worship his gargantuan cock, but we're also keen on using and beating that fine muscular arse of his! Tied to the exam table with his legs trapped in a spreader there's nothing he can do to protect his precious round bum. The bastard panics as his thin white pants are destroyed leaving those meaty cheeks completely exposed! Adrian disciplines him paddling that arse till it's burning red. Thomas is so lithe and fit every muscle in his body ripples and tenses in resistance to the battering. His agony is intensified as Dave tears into his arsehole and rams his thick digits up this hetero boy's hole. He can feel that resistant opening widening as he relentlessly rams deep inside him. Thomas' arsehole is turned into a proper slutty cunt as it's viciously pummelled with a giant dildo. We bind his proud dick and nut sack with rope and weigh it down so heavily that tears stream from his eyes.

      Thomas is reduced to a bundle of raw nerves as we ceaselessly fuck him up and laugh in his furious face. Now we own his arse!  


  • Bound in nothing but a jock strap
  • gagged
  • groped
  • arse beaten
  • supervised enema
  • sphincter cruelly stretched open
  • fucked with a giant dildo
    Added 1st March 2023

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    Furious hetero Thomas is disgusted that his arsehole is on display and there's nothing he can do to stop us! Look at that sexy pristine bumhole framed by nothing but his tight white jock strap. It's primed and ready to be destroyed! We don't care that he hurls insults and looks at us in contempt. His fit muscular body is ours to use and discipline however we desire. We order him to reveal to us how many times he's screwed chicks with that big impressive dick of his. Little does he know this is a wicked game where the number he reveals is the amount of times we're going to whack that big muscular arse of his. The pain is so intense Thomas is soon dripping in sweat. We ratchet up the tension even more as his anal cavity is squirted full of cold water and sealed with a butt plug. Dave presses down on his hard six pack causing the bastard absolute agony.

      His arsehole is so tight it won't release the plug but there's no room inside him for the reservoir trapped in his guts. When the pressure becomes too much the plug shoots out releasing a fountain of mucky water. Thomas is utterly humiliated by what a disgrace he's become! Now that he's cleaned out we plunge inside him stretching his hole and ruining this straight fucker's cunt!  


  • Stripped and degraded
  • dog training
  • ordered to crawl naked at our feet
  • boot worship
  • made to swallow our piss
  • palms belted
  • supervised wank
    Added 15th March 2023

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    Hetero Thomas considers himself so tough and strong he thought he could take anything we did to him. But he had no idea the blow his masculine pride would take in being so degraded and perversely used by insatiable men. Here we humiliate him so harshly and relentlessly that he's psychologically destroyed and physically exhausted! All this dumb cunt is good for is crawling naked across the floor with that sexy tempting arse pointed in the air and his huge bollocks swinging between his legs. We grind his face into our crotches and make him display his hole like a filthy slut. He used to think his big dick was the centre of the universe but we make him drag it across the filthy floor. While his hindquarters are magnificently on show we make him lick our mucky boots. Every time he disobeys or expresses his anger we administer swift whacks to his muscular bare body. The only sustenance we'll allow him is to lap up our stinking piss from a doggie bowl and the only pleasure we allow him is a limited amount of wanking time. Instead of being worshipped he must tug that giant cock while hunched on the floor like a desperate beast!