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  Dopey hetero Justyn thinks he can breeze through life partying and pursuing his own selfish pleasures. We show this boy what hes really made for by restraining him so his sexy young body is fully on show and systematically turn him into a cock whore. His tight sphincter is stretched to breaking point and we stuff his gob full with two big hard dicks. Any resistance is met with severe punishment!  
Age 23, Skater boy

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  • Humiliated
  • nipples clamped
  • sphincter stretched
  • cock sucking training
  • made to service two dicks at once
  • turned into a gay whore
    Added 21st April 2021

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    Tough young hetero skater boy Justyn needs more cash to party and is desperate to become a model. He naively applied for a job but finds himself increasingly degraded and in our seedy lair we systematically turn him into a slutty bitch. His arse is so warm and tight we can't resist instantly exploring his moist hole. He's ordered to strip until he's stark naked. Those great big saucer nipples are just begging to be clamped. We constantly film him making him feel agonizingly self-conscious as his body and privates are recorded and groped. The sexy straight stud quickly realizes that the only way he'll ever earn money is by sexually servicing men's cocks. We eagerly educate him about the right way to suck dick! He gags and struggles to swallow the full shaft. It's impressive how obedient hetero boys become when they are confidently controlled and directed.

      We give him a ruthless skull fucking and Justyn is totally overwhelmed as he desperately tries to pleasure both of us at the same time. His mouth is painfully stretched as our dicks fight to fill his virgin gob! What a sexy whore we've created!  


  • Treated like a whore while being filmed
  • tag team fucking
  • relentless screwed
  • made to rim a man's arse
  • face covered in spit
    Added 18th May 2021

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    We've had enough of this straight bastard teasing us! If this cunt is going to be our new whore it's time he finds out exactly what that means. Stark naked and flat on his back being fucked and voraciously used for all he's worth. That's all he's good for. Dave tears his arse open with his big hard cock and slams into that virgin arse making Justyn cry out in agony. His balls slam against this slut's bum cheeks. All the while he's ordered to stare into the camera and describe what's happening to him. Verbalizing how he's being ravaged increases his humiliation and Justyn is made crushingly aware of what's happening to his body at every second. At the same time he's ordered to stroke Adrian's cock prepping the next man who is going to use his arse. Dave and Adrian switch. While Adrian slides deep inside this straight whore Dave squats over his face. Justyn must keep his tongue out to slide up and lick another man's arsehole.

      This hetero's face is now covered in all that masculine arse stink and ball sweat. All the while his arse is relentlessly screwed. He's completely overwhelmed and humiliated as we gob in his face while ruining him!  


  • Bound and gagged
  • shorts wedged up his arse crack
  • sphincter widened with a fat dildo
  • arse cheeks flogged
  • stimulated till erect
  • fucked
  • humiliated
  • face covered in piss
    Added 16th June 2021

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    It's a massive blow to proud hetero Justyn's pride to be restrained in such a humiliating and compromising position with his arse vulnerably sticking out. It's time this bastard learned he can't tease us wearing such a sexy jock strap and not expect there to be consequences. Wedging his shorts up his arse crack we can see just how tight that opening is. It's such a turn on rubbing our hard cocks against his bum. As he desperately struggles to get away from the bulge pressing against him he inadvertently arouses us more. We're going to break open his slit to make way for our cocks. Dave slams a thick dildo up his arse and steadily fucks that cunt. The stimulation arouses Justyn against his will so his dick starts leaking precum while his arse is also dripping. The straight slag weeps in frustration and pain but Adrian uses his tears to lube his hard cock.

      He can't do anything to stop Adrian thrusting up inside his arse and ruthlessly screwing him. His agony is made all the more intense as Dave stares directly in his face laughing and spitting at him. He's also conscious this fucking is being recorded on video. To emphasize his debasement Dave pisses all over him. As he's gasping through his gag while being viciously fucked he must also breath in the stinking fumes of urine dripping down his sorry face. This is how every sporty straight man's arse ought to be used!  


  • Strapped to the discipline bench
  • gagged
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse flogged
  • cock sucking training
  • spitroasted
  • cum fucked into his arse
  • humiliated
    Added 30th June 2021

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    Hetero Justyn has had his chance to submit to being our sexual slave, but he's continued to resist. Now it's time to shut this bastard up by securing and silencing him so we can take the pleasure we want from his sexy arse. He's strapped down and Dave removes the final flimsy layer protecting him by cutting away his pants leaving that bum totally exposed. Pulling those peachy cheeks apart Justyn can't do anything to protect his hole but clench it and this just makes him look like a teasing whore. Dave eagerly plunges a finger into his arse and widens that sphincter so the straight cunt will be ready for customers. He's given one final chance to willingly lock his lips around a dick and when he refuses we have no choice but to punish him. That lily arse is given a severe lashing so Justyn desperately goes down on Dave's hard cock to make the pain stop.

      Little does the stupid hetero fucker realise that all he's done is excite this erection to the point where Dave can't resist plunging it into Justyn's arsehole. While he's reeling from the shock of being fucked Adrian simultaneously shoves his stiff dick in the cunt's face. He's ordered to suck while being pounded in the rear and Justyn is totally overwhelmed getting it from both ends. As both men furiously pound him, the straight boy feels a warm spray of fresh cum shot over his sore arsehole. His arse is rammed further as Adrian uses that spunk as lube to screw the boy himself. Justyn must stare into the eyes of the man that just broke his arse while he's continuously fucked. Adrian unleashes another load onto Justyn's rump while Dave laughs in the sorry bastard's face. Now he really believes his only purpose is to be our cock whore!  


  • Restrained
  • gagged
  • pants destroyed
  • CBT
  • flogged
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • body pegged
  • ruined ejaculation
    Added 14th July 2021

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    If there's one thing hetero Justyn has always been proud of it is his cock. He struts down the street expecting everyone to admire and fear that great big bulge in his shorts. But now we've strung him up so each limb is bound to the walls while he's wearing nothing but a tight pair of pants that show off that tempting package all this bastard wants to do is cover and protect himself. Well he doesn't get that privilege anymore now that he's our slave! He desperately uses every muscle in his body in a futile attempt to break the ropes. But he can't stop us from fully exposing and grabbing at his precious dong. We verbally humiliate and belittle him to let him know how unimpressive that sorry dick really is before tightly restraining and weighing it down. As Dave casually kicks the enormous heavy bowling ball yanking on his privates, Adrian mercilessly lashes him. Justyn is in such agony he's driven to his breaking point.

      Now all he can do is beg for mercy and forgiveness. So when we release his cock and use a vibrator to pleasure his sensitive glans he is grateful and yearning for this respite from punishment. His dick is quick to stand to attention but we're not doing this to give the cunt pleasure. Dave attaches pegs up and down his body so that when Justyn reaches his climax they are simultaneously yanked off. The fucker experiences new levels of pain and any orgasm he has in the future will be associated with this vicious wanking. That's how you permanently ruin a straight bastard's sex life!  


    We were thrilled to make our first video with fresh lad Justyn whose great big nipples and pristine pink arsehole are just begging to be roughly used! This skater boy is given a stern lesson in what it means to service men's dicks. Sexy newbie Justyn is keen to make a good impression for his first video and here he discovers what it means to be turned into a submissive cock sucking slut!