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  Straight and virtuous Robert wants to make an honest living through hard graft, but we know his muscular sexy body can be put to better use! We train this hetero to be our cock slave and steal his anal virginity!  
Age 27, Construction worker

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Hetero Robert is a sexually adventurous young man in his prime who agrees to test his limits by performing in our videos and his debut is incredibly horny!

  • Bound
  • mouth spreader
  • spanked
  • cock sucking training
  • arse belted
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked
  • nipples clamped
  • spitroasted
    Added 14th September 2022

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    We've been fantasizing about hot hetero construction worker Robert sucking on our cocks and now we've fixed it so he can't stop us inserting our hard dicks in his gob. With his arms tied behind his back and his head bound to his ankles his sexy arse is temptingly on display. His mouth is permanently fixed open with a spreader. But we don't just want to fuck his resistant face; we want this proud straight boy to actively strive to service our erections. Robert groans in refusal when we order him to lick Adrian's rod. So Dave gives him a little encouragement with bare handed spanking warming his pale innocent arse. The fucker winces in pain as he's given more urgent commands. With a leather strap cutting into his arse Robert will do anything to make it stop. He pushes out his tongue to taste the pissy bell end of Adrian's cock and he eagerly strains to please it. At the same time Dave slides his fingers up Robert's cunt to widen his hole.

      As the hetero boy weeps with the taste of raw dick coating his tongue he experiences the shock of Dave's thick hard on ramming his hole from behind. Not only do nipple clamps increase the constant pain on the most sensitive areas of his body, but the bells attached to them chime as Dave continuously slams into his arse. This amplifies the bastard's humiliation as we completely overwhelm him. We keep in our minds the “fuck off” look he had on his face when we first approached him as we mercilessly ram him from both ends. Now he belongs to us!  


  • Tied
  • Gagged
  • Cock manipulated till hard
  • Sadistic CBT
  • Balls crushed
  • Fucked with a mechanical dildo
  • Arse caned
  • Genitals & nipples pegged
    Added 28th September 2022

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    Furious hetero Robert is roped to a medical exam table stark fucking naked. He is filled with hatred while we pervily grope him but there's no way for him to make us stop. It only takes some skilful strokes to get his excitable dick to stand proud and we secure it by binding his shaft and balls. The pressure is agonizing and all Robert can do is moan helplessly. The temporary release he feels to his dick & balls being freed is short lived as we also flatten his testicles by fixing them between two pieces of tightened plexiglass. We hold his legs up in the air and pound his fuck hole with a dildo attached to a power tool. There is NOTHING he can do to stop his precious arsehole from being stretched wide open! With his sore sphincter on show we cane his arse so his cheeks are cruelly marked and we peg his sensitive nips. Robert is utterly overwhelmed and humiliated by this all-consuming punishment. This is the discipline this straight bastard deserves!



  • Bound
  • nipples and body pegged
  • dick manipulated till he's erect
  • CBT
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse fingered
  • flogged
  • gagged
  • ruined orgasm
    Added 12th October 2022

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    Having realised there is nothing he can do to break free from his restraints or cover his perilously exposed body, hetero Robert resorts to spitting filthy insults at us. Little does he know how his disrespect will result in even more punishment. Those pert little nipples of his are highly sensitive zones and some sharp twists make him gasp from the pain. Just a couple of small pegs on those small rosy buds cause him to feel the constant ache. He might be adamantly straight but his dick still responds in the same way as any man's. So all it takes is some skilful sucking and tongue flicks around his nob end to make his cock grow thick and heavy. Robert concentrates with all his might to avoid growing aroused but it's like when he used to get a stiffy in the classroom; there's no stopping his healthy young sex drive. He winces in shame as we grind into his bare arse while sucking him from the front.

      We can even taste the precum seeping from that hard dick! Adrian works a spit slicked finger up Robert's tight rectum and feels how his arsehole twitches as Dave makes this straight boy even harder. His erection is bound and weighted down so it can't naturally soften even when he's mercilessly flogged. The cunt's body flares red even while his big heavy cock bulges in the open. We're rewiring this bastard's brain so he associates pleasure with punishment. Dave steadily strokes Robert's hard on while Adrian pegs his body. When this hetero can no longer stop himself from hitting orgasm all those pegs are cruelly torn from his body. His body heaves from the total shock! Who's the fucking queer now?!  


  • Selling his ass
  • ordered to display himself
  • groped
  • cock manipulated till hard
  • flogged
  • cock sucking training
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arse covered in cum
    Added 26th October 2022

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    We're assessing how much we can whore this straight builder out for. Robert has been disciplined enough to know not to disobey us. He must present himself like livestock at a market for us to inspect the goods including the bulge in his shorts and the musculature of his frame. Those thin white shorts can barely contain his heavy cock! And he's so virile that his dick only needs a little encouragement to spring upward. Robert is utterly humiliated as we order him to fully expose himself while we survey and toy with his prominent erection. Next he must mash his face into the floor while pulling his arse cheeks apart to flash us his virgin hole. We demand he fetch us cold refreshments but he's a lazy bitch who needs a good thrashing. Since he makes a rubbish waiter he must be turned into a cock sucker. We demand that he go down on our hard cocks and we direct him how to properly pleasure them.

      He gets us so horny we screw him while making him continue to suck dick. The straight bastard is totally overwhelmed being penetrated from both ends. This is his entire existence from now on... a filthy cum receptacle.