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  Jay catches our eye, working in a nearby office. We give him every option to be good and take a cock without fuss but he rebuffs our advances. We have no other option than to grab the straight bastard, strip him and inflict all sorts of unpleasantness on him including his first arse-pounding from another man. "Living hell" would describe it. Fun for us though!  
Age 30, Office worker

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  • Grabbed from his office
  • Tied down
  • Clothes ripped off
  • Gagged so he can't cry out
  • Groped and fondled
  • Gob & spit in the face
  • Arse beaten
  • Punished for being straight
  • Humiliating & painful anal cleaning
  • Fingered and then fucked with hard cock
    Added 24th November 2021

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    This straight office worker makes a big mistake rebuffing my sexual advances. We grab him and tie him up with legs held astride and his arse exposed. His cries for help are muffled by the cloth stuffed into his mouth, held there by a tight ball-gag. This man needs to be punished so we take the scissors to his smart office trousers and undies and set to work beating his naked hairy straight arse, a nice shade of red, with a nasty leather strap. Jay's agony and terror are such a turn on I want to stick my erect prick into his tight virgin arse right there & then but Dave convinces me to use an anal cleaning on him first. I'd be quite happy to have a cock covered in straight crap so long as I take this bastard's virginity but Dave has a smirk on his face first he's going to give this cunt the most humiliating anal cleaning ever!

      Dave fills this straight turd with countless bulbs full of cold water until his belly is stuffed full and in agony. To make it worse he shoves a large hard buttplug up this straight's reluctant shitter. For his own sadistic pleasure Dave presses down on this twat's belly causing him untold suffering – which both of us laugh at. This cunt is desperate for release. Because I'm aching to take his arse, Dave takes out the plug and then the sorry piece of crap fires his dirty arse juice into an old tin bucket I hold up to receive the contents of his bowels. After a fingering he won't forget, the lad is ready to take a proper arse pounding – so stick my eager cock into him and fuck him merrily whilst enjoying the sight of his terrified face! Another straight cherry taken on the road to seriously doing over this hairy motherfucker.  


  • Restrained to the discipline bench
  • gagged
  • pants destroyed
  • erection mocked
  • sphincter stretched
  • arse lashed
  • trained to suck cock
  • made to gag on dick
  • fucked
  • spitroasted
  • arsehole covered in cum
    Added 22nd December 2021

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    I could have been snogging this sexy businessman at the office Christmas party, but because he's a proud straight bastard that spits on homos he's found himself in this dire predicament. We've restrained him arse up in nothing but his thin underwear so I can have my way with his arse and he can't do a fucking thing about it. What a turn on it is tugging those pants up his hairy crack and exposing his arsehole. He desperately struggles against his binds horrified at being so vulnerable especially when it reveals that he finds this treatment stimulating. His dick grows very hard against his will which is utterly humiliating for this hetero. What's even worse is having his virgin pussy pummelled as I ram my fingers up his hole and feel his arsehole widening.

      His tight warm bum is turning me on so much I want a good blowjob but Jay is disgusted by the idea of having a man's penis in his mouth. Dave gives him encouragement with stinging lashes to Jay's arse cheeks which makes them burn red. After a sound beating he is weeping and begging to orally pleasure me. But this stupid straight fucker doesn't know how to suck so must be trained how to service a man. What's more I grab his head and push it down so far on my shaft he's gagging as I mercilessly skull fuck him. As soon as my dick is sufficiently slicked up I ram my hard dick up his arse and vigorously screw him. He pleads for me to stop as if he's in any position to bargain! Meanwhile Dave demands a blow job at the same time. Jay is totally overwhelmed as we ram him from both ends! Dave wants a piece of his arse too and takes his turn fucking that virgin bum. He viciously screws him till he blows a load all over this fucker's hole. Now this bastard is the new office bitch!  


  • Stripped of his suit
  • arse belted
  • leashed
  • dog training
  • cock and balls restrained
  • turned into a ponyboy
  • CBT
  • whipped
  • made to fuck himself with a dildo
  • face covered in piss
    Added 12th January 2022

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    Hetero businessman Jay lives by the clock and thinks he can leave our lair wearing his suit just because it's time to go back to the office. He doesn't realize that in addition to losing his clothes he also no longer has a shred of free will! He must be naked at all times to receive our sadistic punishment or to be whored out to any client who'll pay a few pennies to screw his straight arse. Not only must he submit to every command we give him but we want him to present his genitals for our pleasure. Any deviance earns him a vicious beating with a leather belt. He must bear Dave's full weight on his naked back and he's ordered to humiliate himself crawling in circles. Soon his arse is stinging red and he's gasping for breath. We treat him worse than a farm beast and make him drag a heavy weight behind him by his balls.

      His scrotum becomes so stretched he feels it might snap but he pushes himself forward with every ounce of strength he has left under our shouts and whips from a riding crop. He'll do anything to make this agony stop even fuck himself with a dildo against a wall while we laugh, taunt him and piss all over his proud face! He'll never live down this degradation!  



  • Tied
  • nipples clamped
  • cock manipulated till erect
  • sub training
  • sphincter stretched
  • turnoy
  • CBT
  • dick stimulated till he ejaculates
  • cum smeared over his face
    Added 26th January 2022

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    Hairy straight Jay looks fucking hot tied down in nothing but a jock strap and boots. His legs are spread so we can peer at that invitingly dark arse crack with his furry chest and pits on show! This is how he should be permanently displayed. But we don't just want to look at him; we want to hear him begging to be used like an insatiable slut! He struggles and wriggles in place but can't escape our pervy groping or the painful clamps which are attached to his sensitive nipples. Jay has such a high sex drive that all it takes is some stroking and teasing of his pink cock head to get his dick standing to attention. He's furious that we've caused his precious hetero cock to grow hard, but he's even angrier that we have easy access to his virgin arsehole. We order him to beg us to finger his bum because we want to hear him vocalizing his new state of subjugation. He's never experienced such acute pain before and he'll say anything to make it stop.

      Since he pleads so desperately to have his hole stretched we ram our digits deep up his arse. His moaning makes us cruelly laugh and this deepens his humiliation all the more. It only takes a bit of expert manipulation to get his todger thick and hard again. As his cock and balls are tied so tightly there's no releasing the pressure except to ejaculate. No matter how much he resists it he can't stop the insatiable urge and tingle which makes him spray his seed. He's so hot and sweaty from the overwhelming sensation. We mockingly laugh and wipe cum all over his shame covered face. Jay will never live down the fact two men have caused him to get off with the most intense orgasm of his life!  


  • Tied
  • gagged
  • arse paddled
  • pants destroyed
  • sphincter stretched
  • fucked with a fat dildo
  • CBT
    Added 9th February 2022

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    We keep hetero Jay tied down to an exam table with his arse up in the air as if constantly ready for a rectal assessment. He can only look back in fear, terrified that at any moment a man might step up to fuck him and there's nothing he can do to stop it! We want this bastard to tease us with that tempting rump. Adrian uses a wooden paddle to wallop his already sore cheeks and the persistent beating makes them sting red. No matter how much he fights against his binds there's nothing he can do to stop it and as the pain becomes unbearable he bucks with all his might. Jay inadvertently wriggles his arse as if desperate to be buggered. We're eager to oblige and Dave plunges his fingers into Jay's cunt prying his way in. This bastard's hole is so tight it takes some persistent stretching to widen it. Things are ramped up even further when a dildo is rammed deep inside him to plow him fully open.

      Dave binds his precious cock and balls to an enormous weight so the fucker's jewels are wrenched to the point of breaking. He's persistently fucked with the thick member and all Jay can do is moan piteously and weep because this is his permanent new existence.  


    Sexy bearded Jay has an insatiable curiosity and looks to expand his sexual horizons by acting in our videos. He enthusiastically embraced the challenges we gave him. We had an excellent time working with this model and would gladly have him back!