Joel is a young father looking to make some extra money. He's eager to push himself to excel and hopes to find some new kinds of sexual stimulation.

Little does he know the depths of shame he’s going to be plunged into being tied up and made to get physically closer with a man than he’s ever been before. Under our stern command he begs to be flogged and to lick male arse like a proper slut...
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  Bound and gagged spread eagle, face covered in spit, arse flogged and spanked, feet tickled, arsehole fingered, electro shocks to genitals, fucked with a vibrator, soles of his feet caned, screwed by two men, arsehole covered in cum.

Joel has spent all day on the street wiggling his arse while trying to get donations. Time for that bum to be properly displayed while still in his tight trousers.

Dave hocks a few loogies on his face which quickly turns bright crimson with burning shame. Adrian whacks his shapely arse cheeks while Dave claims his bare feet tickling them mercilessly. He's made to confess how many women he's screwed in his life and then take a spanking for every one. The slow steady hits to his bum accumulate to a stinging soreness which is revealed when his trousers are cut off.

  His tight arsehole and bulging hairy balls look awesome when so perfectly on show while Adrian continues giving him hard licks. A long digit is shoved up his hole to slowly open him up. Adrian can feel Joel's sphincter tightening up when Dave delivers electric shocks to his gonads and the tip of his penis. Now that his hole is loosened Adrian screws him with a gigantic vibrating dildo. When the incredibly sensitive soles of his feet are caned it all becomes too much for the sweet boy. He shakes uncontrollably and his eyes flash with real terror. He howls in pain as the men take turns plowing into his fuckhole. The straight bastard is used to being handed money but now he's truly learning how to earn it.  


  Rob Chance is a sexy young English hetero. Well educated and polite you would never think that he has recently decided he wants to test himself in extreme bdsm being totally dominated by other men.

Breeder Fuckers is the perfect outlet for curious breeders like Rob. His fit young body is so tempting it would be easy to go overboard on the innocent young lad.

Do we go too far? You be the judge.
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  Spanked till his cheeks burn red, fucked with a vibrator, nuts tied, penis head taunted with a vibrator, feet caned, made to screw himself, suck dick and lick male arsehole, fed mouthfuls of urine and face washed in urine.

Tied arse-up on the exam table doctor Rob’s knackers look very tempting peeking out from under his hospital gown and dangling between his muscular thighs. He’s accustomed to having his every order followed without question but he’s not so good at following directions.

He’s given a good hard fucking with a vibrator humming away at high speed. Doctor Dave ties his nuts to the table and teases the incredibly sensitive underside of his glans with a vibrator wand. Rob moans as he’s relentlessly fucked with lube and anal juices streaming down to his balls. Adrian and Dave don’t want him to just lie there passively. They make him fuck himself on the stick pushing his butt backwards so the vibrator slides deep into his anal cavity.

  He needs to work harder so he’s presented with a dick in his face which he’s ordered to chow down on or get another lashing from the cane. His oral skills aren’t up to scratch so Dave sits his bare arse back on Rob’s face to teach him how to properly slide his tongue up a man’s arse. After hollering repeatedly Rob needs watering. Dave orders him to keep his gob open and swallow while he unleashes streams of urine into his mouth.

Rob struggles not to retch as the pressure of being vigorously fucked while swallowing the contents of Dave’s bladder totally overwhelms the slutty bastard.


  Joel is a young father looking to make some extra money. He's eager to push himself to excel and hopes to find some new kinds of sexual stimulation.

Little does he know the depths of shame he’s going to be plunged into being tied up and made to get physically closer with a man than he’s ever been before. Under our stern command he begs to be flogged and to lick male arse like a proper slut...
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  Buddies strung up by their wrists, made to kiss and press their naked bodies together, nipples clamped, arses flogged, foreskins and testicles pegged, dick flogged till all the pegs are removed, head tied to his friend’s arse so he has to lick out his hole, anal hook, arsecrack filled with urine while he’s rimming.

Everyone wants something for nothing – especially handsome young lads on the street who present themselves as do-gooders while sticking their hands in your pocket. It’s time these charity muggers were put to better use. Enticed by the prospect of paying work Joel comes to an isolated dingy room where he’s given a firsthand lesson in S&M. Tied naked with his hands in the air he’s surprised to see his friend dragged into the room. The two proud young straight lads are positioned facing each other and bound so their stark naked bodies are almost touching. They recoil as they are pressed together but under stern orders they indulge in some French kissing.

  With their nipples clamped together they are unable to twist their bodies away from each other. Their firm ripe behinds are given a lashing and with each hit they inadvertently press closer together and feel their nipples painfully tugged.

The psychological games continue as the friends are presented with a pile of clothes pegs. Joel’s friend has to decide whether to take his dick being pegged or if he wants to make his Joel take it. Unsurprisingly the bastard makes his friend take the brunt. He then has to remove them from Joel’s sensitive genitals by flogging them off. Brought down on their knees Joel stares with horror at his friend’s tight arsehole spread in front of his face. He’s tied by his neck to his friends cock and balls. Joel’s head is then tied to the back of his friend’s head so he has no option but to press his face into his friend’s arse crack whenever he tips his head forward. Every breath Joel takes if filled with the fragrance of his mate’s pungent butthole. Dave gives him a further challenge by whipping out his cock and urinating onto his arse. Joel must continue lapping at his friend’s arse while his mouth fills with urine. For once this hetero bastard is taught to give rather than take.


  Rob Chance is a sexy young English hetero. Well educated and polite you would never think that he has recently decided he wants to test himself in extreme bdsm being totally dominated by other men.

Breeder Fuckers is the perfect outlet for curious breeders like Rob. His fit young body is so tempting it would be easy to go overboard on the innocent young lad.

Do we go too far? You be the judge.
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  Tied and gagged, arsehole shaved and filled with water, flogged while being made to hold it in, feet caned, arse fingered and screwed with a fucking machine, foreskin and nipples clamped, made to watch himself be fucked by two men.

Rob is bound on a special examination chair so his hairy body is fully exposed. Doctors are constantly putting their patients through embarrassing and physically taxing procedures where all their bits are exposed. It's time young doctor Rob is given a taste of his own medicine.

His tight arsehole needs to be clean and pristinely smooth for the special procedure that is planned for him. The dark hair covering his hole is shaved away. His anal cavity is pumped full of water making the proud hunk moan in distress. He's given strict orders not to release his filthy arse juice onto the floor while Dave whacks his arse till his cheeks are bright red.

Desperate to relax his sphincter and release the huge amount of water stored
  in his bowels he can't hold it in any longer. He lets it out in one long pungent stream. Now that his anus is empty he's vigorously fingered and introduced to a mechanical dildo. Machines have no conscience so he's shown no mercy; his agonized groans are ignored as his arse is relentlessly ploughed open. Having driven the men into a frenzy of excitement, his eyelids are peeled back so he has to watch the red hot erections inserted into his arse.  


  18 year old athletics champion Lee is at a very experimental time in his life and it doesn't get much more experimental than submitting to Breeder Fuckers.

The blonde & blue-eyed adonis is so used to having his pick of girls on any night out I'm sure you'll agree he needs to be taken down a peg or two. And we're just the deviants to do it.

Such perfect white skin shows up the agonising red welts so well and those blue eyes turn so red & angry he provokes quite the harshest treatment we have ever dished out.
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Gagged, put in bondage, strapped, flogged, beaten with spanking machine, fingerfucked, buttplug, wanked to brink of orgasm, then denied...

I've got Lee trussed up in a headgag, his legs spread, bent over and unable to do anything more than grunt in fury as I run my lecherous hands all over his muscular body. And I'm feeling sadistic.

Lee's eyes widen in terror as I brandish the heavy leather strap at him. THWACK! Lee almost collapses in agony; only the ropes binding his arms hold him up. WHAP! Lee's animal howls fill the dingy office as his own 'Discipline' posters mock him from the walls.

It's almost a relief for the homophobic gang leader when I shove my fingers up his arse, on putting aside the strap.
  But the deeper I invade him, the louder and more desperately Lee pants and sobs. His burning arse cheeks add to the humiliating pain he's experiencing, and he flinches and groans when I add a large glass buttplug to his overwhelming misery.

Unable to move or turn around, Lee just trembles when Dave sets up the ominous looking spanking machine behind him. But the beating Lee receives from the vicious automatic paddle soon has him yelling out in pain, his entire body tense with agony. Each stroke elicits a loud scream, and Lee's incomprehensible, horrified sounds make my cock stiffen in my pants. No matter how desperately Lee screams at us, the cruel machine still continues its infernal work, laying stripe after stripe of crimson bruising onto Lee's perfectly round arse cheeks.

Dave's sadistically playing with the settings, alternating between speeding the machine up and putting Lee through long, agonising waits for the next, merciless, stroke.

Just when Lee thinks it can't get any worse, Dave gleefully joins in with the machine in punishing Lee, by thrashing him with a flogger in between the machine's brutal whacks. Lee's screams are one constant caterwaul of pain and anger, but it's about to get worse...

I've been playing with Lee's cock throughout his punishment, but with the pain the focus of his attention, the selfish straight boy hasn't got hard to please me. But that soon changes when I lower my head onto Lee's cock and skilfully begin giving him a blowjob.

Lee wails with dismay as he realises he's getting an erection from this unwelcome male attention. But his protests just encourage me - I am getting off on humiliating this macho straight cunt. When he's fully hard, I gleefully begin wanking him off, and as he's being spanked and whipped, I feel his cock pulsate and grow fully turgid in my hand - he's on the verge of unwillingly blowing his load.

Dave gets his own erect cock out, and begins wanking over the sight of Lee writhing on the verge of agony and ecstacy.

Dave laughs, and shoots a load of hot, white cum all over Lee's hot, bruised arse. Lee groans as I toy with his cock in my hands, holding all the power.

"No coming for you, mate!" I inform Lee, as I pull my hand away. "You don't get to come. That's our job!" Lee looks desperately down at his own rigid dick, but it's useless. His predicament just got ten times more humilating.


  John is a 20 year old karate champion from Eastern Europe and that makes quite a paradox when it comes to being fucked over by Breeder Fuckers.

On the one hand he has been brought up in a strongly homophobic culture. On the other the muscular good-looking hetero is sure he can take whatever pain and torment we can dish out. That's quite a challenge!

It sounds like the green light to unleash the entire arsenal of filth and nastiness on this boy and make his head spin.

Will we break him? You know, I think we just might.
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Made to submit to being fucked, trained in cocksucking, rimming, spitroasting, mouthfuls of piss, facial cumshots, and being made to cum while being fucked in the arse

Having wrenched his anal virginity from him and trained the unwilling straight cage-fighter to suck our cocks, we decide to fuck with John a bit more.

We tell John that we'll let him go if he obeys every order, submitting to a thorough pounding like a good little fucktoy. As I unleash my dick in his face, John's eyes blaze with anger, but he reluctantly gets on his knees and wraps his lips around it.

Within a minute, I'm rock hard, turned on by the strong hetero man unhappily sucking me off, knowing that the harder I get, the closer his arsehole is to getting fucked. I make him lick and kiss all around the head, before yanking his neck rope to pull his face all the way down my shaft, choking him.
  Dave joins in, shoving his dick into John's face and making him show off his newly learnt cocksucking prowess. John's humiliation grows as I ram a dildo up his arse and laugh as he rocks back and forth on it, fucking himself as his whole body moves with the effort of orally pleasing Dave.

We take turns spitroasting the miserable straight breeder, ploughing into him hard and fast at both ends. Dave turns round and thrusts his smelly arse into John's face, and I push the choking man's head down into the dirty little pucker, making him poke his tongue in and out and rim him, as Dave moans with satisfaction.

Dave pisses into John's mouth, as I continue to fuck him, before flipping him over and making use of John's tight hettie arsehole. The straight man's shame multiplies tenfold when we play with his cock as he's being fucked, wanking him off until he shoots his cum all over his own chest. He'll never be able to cum again without being reminded of this horrifying moment.

We treat the shellshocked straight boy to more piss and a load of cum from both Dave and I, before leaving him lying in a puddle of filth. John has been made to submit to the most degrading experience of his life, and he's just starting to realise we may have broken our promise...


  At 19 years old Toby is the perfect young "tough" because his job is boxing for a living.

A fighter, Toby is very fit, has a high pain threshold and is reliant on himself to make ends meet. Despite being straight he feels that he has what it takes to handle Breeder Fuckers. Great!

We know we don't have to hold back in any way in our sessions with Toby, starting with a filthy wet and freezing cold warehouse to do him over in. But that is just the start of the misery for this sexy young lad...
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Relentless bondage and torment, bastinado, fingerfucking, penetrated with vibrator, CBT, caning, hot wax on exposed cockhead, mouth washed out with soap

Trussed up with his legs and arms spread wide, a ballgag crammed into his mouth, his head pinned back by a stick, Toby is unable to move any part of his body a single inch.

The frightened boy is visibly trembling when I swish a cane viciously through the air. I lash the cane down onto the sole of his foot, and Toby grunts in pain through his gag. But no matter how much he wiggles his toes in agony, there's no escape. The cane slices back down onto his sole, onto his tender thigh, wherever my sadistic whims dictate.

But just pain and abuse aren't enough to satisfy me. I want this cute young thug
  systematically used, with every hole filled, aching and overwhelmed from the suffering. Time to get sexual on him.

I shove my finger up Toby's tight little arsehole, and roughly fingerfuck him, enjoying his helpless howls and gasps, which Toby emits in time with my finger ramming in and out.

But before I go any further, this boy's cock and balls need to be properly presented. I tie a rope tightly round Toby's nutsack, and attach it to the pole above, yanking his balls roughly upwards and putting his entire genital area in a great deal of pain. To compound this, I cover Toby's cock and balls in pegs, enjoying the fun of decorating his painfully displayed genitals.

Toby's eyes widen in horror as I approach with a loudly buzzing vibrator on a pole - stupid he may be, but after his previous torments, Toby knows exactly where this nasty device is going. Slowly but firmly, I push the dildo right up his arse, into his guts, enjoying Toby's jump of discomfort as it touches his ringpiece, which gives way to loud moaning as the buzzing echoes round his guts.

I brandish the cane, take a second to appreciate Toby's look of fear, and slash his quivering thighs and feet a few more times, to mark him up a bit. Toby's screams tell me he's suffering properly now - all the layered torments have the boy just where I want him. But he can't even imagine how much this next part will hurt...

I grab a lit candle and let the wax drop down onto Toby's beautifully vulnerable privates. The scalding hot wax fills Toby's tender dick head where his foreskin is clipped up, and burns his shaft as it painfully drips down. I pour wax all over the fresh cane welts, over his sensitive pubic area, onto his delicate nutsack. The effect is delicious.

I remove Toby's gag, wanting to hear if he's truly sorry yet for his crimes. But all the little urchin has to say is, "You fucking cunt!" Clearly, he hasn't learnt his lesson. I use a bar of soap to wash out Toby's foul mouth, making sure I get the bitter soap deep down into his gob. The little shit will think twice before insulting his betters in the future.


  At 18 years old Kristjan is making his way in the big bad world and one thing he wants to try is acting. Which is how he finds his way to Breeder Fuckers.

A young rugby player with the muscular arse, big legs, and fit body to match, Kristjan puts on the air of being completely unshockable. Those rugby tours can be pretty hairy, know what I mean?

So despite his young years we are going to go hell for leather at this young straight tough and I can honestly say that tearing into that tight hairy hole and making his face contort will be a fucking pleasure.
Added 16 March 2011

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Put through dog training by pervy punter, vibrating buttplug, facefucked till he chokes while being thrashed hard with prison strap, made to eat every drop of cum

Kristjan hasn't been allowed more than a couple of hours of sleep since I invited paying customers to come and have a piece of him, in between abusing him myself. The knock on the door signals the beginning of yet another relentless session prostituting himself to satisfy the lust of some pervy old man. What nasty little fetish will Kristjan have to degrade himself for today?

The punter demands doggy training. This fat old perv wants to watch a beautiful young boy tied on all fours and paraded around the room, before being given a big meaty 'bone'. With pleasure. I drag Kristjan into 'display' position and let the lecherous man run his hands all up and down the shaking lad's smooth, firm body.
  Kristjan glares sulkily at the wall while his cock is groped, his nipples painfully tweaked, his arse inspected, his pants pulled roughly down. I make Kristjan open his mouth, slide my tongue in and kiss him, making him look utterly unhappy and ashamed. It's delicious.

After tying Kristjan's arms and legs into stumpy little dog legs, trapping the hapless teenager on all fours, the sleazy punter watches in approval as I ram a vibrating dildo up the boy's arse, making him grunt in pain. The grinning punter fastens a collar aroung Kristjan's neck and begins putting his new pet through its paces.

In full bondage, his arse painfully stimulated, and being dragged around by his neck, Kristjan has no choice but to miserably hobble round the room on his knees and elbows, at the punter's heels. Kristjan's arse waggles seductively as he tries to keep up with his master, and I hover nearby with a punishment strap, ready to provide stinging motivation if the little dog boy doesn't obey every command.

But I'm a harsh taskmaster, and I demand no less than 100% customer satisfaction. Kristjan lets the butt-tail slip out slightly... this boy clearly needs to be taught a lesson. I shove the dildo viciously deep into his guts, eliciting a howl of pain, and then unleash my rampant hard cock. The punter watches in approval as I order Kristjan to get his tongue out and lick my erection, the vibrator still buzzing away in his arse. Kristjan cringes in disgust as he tastes my bitter pre-cum, but I don't care - I continue to bark orders for his reluctant mouth to serve me, and the punter grabs the strap and thrashes Kristjan when he fails to suck my dick properly.

It's all Kristjan can do to keep the cock in his mouth and not pull away to squeal in agony. The punter rains down blow after blow of the heavy strap, as Kristjan desperately tries to please me. I order the boy to gag on my dick, to get his own head deep on my cock and sink his lips all the way down to my pubes. A few agonisingly hard blows from the leather soon have Kristjan swallowing my erection to the hilt, his eyes full of tears from the pain and choking.

With the brutal beating and his throat fucked raw, it's probably a relief for Kristjan to have his mouth wrenched open and a slimy load of hot cum deposited inside. From now on, this is the most he can ever hope for.