Breeder Fuckers, they fucking deserve it...

  Terry is like some walking porn fantasy. A hot plumber who has a raging sex drive and a perpetually hard dick. He is one hundred percent hetero and typically ignores any man who makes a sexual pass at him, but the opportunity to be a paid performer entices him to work with us as a willing participant. We were thrilled with the results of his performance.  
26, Plumber

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 ADDED 3 October 2012 Topped By Adrian Video 23:04 90 Pictures
Gagged, stripped, tied, nipples clamped, paraded and put on display, dick teased till erect, arsehole fingered.

Handsome Terry is a working class straight lad who is fitter than your average plumber. So far he's only messed around with one female customer, but the rest have had to lust after this sexy guy while he's working on their pipes without getting to touch him. It's high time we strip him and tie him up to play out all those filthy fantasies people have had about this sexy breeder boy.

His nipples are clamped so he can be paraded around like a slave. His cock is lubed up with his own spit dripping down from his ballgag. With his legs bound open so his arse is on show Adrian rams his fingers up Terry's tight fragrant hole. He fingerfucks the tattooed lad till he winces and squirms. Terry looks on with his puppy-dog eyes as his hard plumber's body is finally being put to good use.


 ADDED 17 October 2012 Topped By Adrian Video 19:32 99 Pictures
Tied to a gyno chair, stripped nude, interfered with, mouth gagged with ripped underwear and fastened with a thick leather belt, cock and balls roped up, dildo hammered into cunt with a mallet, flogged and beaten with a leather strap before being fucked, anus spunked over and then made to eat the sperm of his tormentor.

Strapping young straights like Terry need to be tied to gyno chairs if you are going to fuck them. Even if they appear compliant at first, the moment you rip their clothes off them and start interfering with their genitals their natural instinct is to fight back. Your pervy hands touching their precious little pussies is bound to send them over the edge. So tie them down like this and, better still, stuff their soiled undies into their mouths to muffle their screams.
This I do to Terry, keeping his gag secured with a thick leather belt tied between his teeth. Unable to scream for help he has to take eager fingers invading his hole, then fondling his big donkey dick, then tying up his big hairy balls and attaching them painfully to his own thigh. To ready his cunt for its new purpose I shove a dildo on a wooden pole up it, hammered home with a heavy mallet, right up to the hilt. The dildo is held in place allowing me to flog the straight's creamy white arse cheeks. Terry finds this such a shock to his system his guts strain to push out the dildo. Big mistake because I then hold the dildo deeply inside him while taking a very nasty leather strap to his buttocks. I make his arse burn red with the strap. I'm afraid that heterophobia and lust get the better of me. I flatten the gyno chair and with Terry now on his back I take my erect cock and shove it deep into him. His cries of despair reveal his real feelings but it only serves to turn me on more. With Terry's heavy muscular body being pounded the gyno chair shakes to almost collapse. Terry's clear disgust at what is happening to him is so hot that it isn't long before I deposit loads of gay gloop all over his aching hole. It seems the right thing to do to suck the fresh sperm into my mouth, release Terry from his gag and gob the semen straight into his dry aching mouth. Terry must then swallow it all. Another breeder, well and truly fucked.


 ADDED 7th November 2012 Topped By Adrian Video 15:02 96 Pictures
Tied naked in the corner, cock manipulated until erect, mouth filled with spit, ordered to suck dick, boot worship, arse flogged, wanked till he cums, sperm snowballed into his mouth.

Shackled and collared handsome workman Terry is now kept as a naked plaything. With his arms bound behind his back heís unable to cover himself or stop any pervy man from grabbing on his sensitive cock and tugging away. Deeply ashamed Terry can only kneel there as his dick is stimulated till itís pointing up proud and his primordial urge to cum is roused. His pleasure is ignored as heís presented with a stiff dick to chow down on. Terry is taught how to suck like a proper whore. He has to bend down and lap at his new masterís boots so his cute tight arse points up in the air fully exposed.
Terry’s breathing rapidly increases in panic when he realizes he’s about to be whacked on the arse. Immediately after a lick of pain is delivered to his bum his cock is taken in hand and pumped till the fucker has no choice but to give up his hot straight semen. Adrian spits his sperm directly back into Terry’s mouth reinforcing the fact that his new submissive status will always be intensely intimate and excruciatingly personal.