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  Smooth young Billy may have the face of an angel but it masks a horny straight boy with a voracious sexual appetite. We donít tolerate any no-homo bull from this sporty hetero and restrain him so he canít escape our insidious desire. We claim his arse for our own subjecting his cheeks and hole to relentlessly excruciating punishment and make this cunt service our insatiable cocks.  
Age 20, Waiter

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 ADDED 28 Sept 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 28:10 99 Pictures
Manacled and stripped, invasively manhandled, gagged with his sweaty pants, flogged, arsehole fingered and fucked with a dildo, fucked so hard he cries, covered with cum.

Budding entrepreneur Billy works up a sweat trying to impress us with his rowing machine. We trick him into testing an alternative form of equipment tying him up and locking him into steel manacles. Struggling and swearing only encourages us to cut all the clothes off him and grope every inch of his exposed hetero body.

Unable to move from his bent over position, we have full access to lash and fuck his virgin arsehole while he helplessly shouts angrily into the tattered pants which are gagging him. We thoroughly break him violently fucking his arse and spraying our semen over his firm young body. Straight lad tears taste so sweet.


 ADDED 12 Oct 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 10:07 90 Pictures
Roped to a bench, nipples clamped, bare-handed spanking and flogging, electric shocks to his arsehole, foreskin and balls bound, arse fingered and fucked with a dildo, caning, breath control.

Ever since bright young Billy walked into our lair wearing his smartest suit we wanted to see him naked and tied with his arse up in the air.

Dave severely punishes his bottom using his bare hands until his furry cheeks glow bright red. Roped to the bench he's unable to move or stop the tears from flowing. Adrian tests his knowledge and gives an electric shock to his exposed arsehole for every wrong answer he gives. We taunt him making him watch horny straight porn while abusing his arse and genitals. Whenever he has sex with a woman from now on he'll recall our faces and the sensation of his arse being pounded deeply by a huge dildo.


 ADDED 26 Oct 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 18:13 90 Pictures
Violently fingered, foreskin clamped, made to deep throat cock and lick male arsehole till he weeps, balls and arsehole flogged, choked while being fucked.

Tightly roped to a chair Billy isn't going anywhere.

Adrian smacks his lips with pleasure when he sees there is a hole cut in the bottom of the chair leaving Billy's hairy arse vulnerable to invasion. With his foreskin clamped and suspended to the ceiling Billy can't move an inch without causing himself serious pain. The straight cunt is given strict cock service training and suffocated with Dave's arse planted firmly on his face.

Then bound on a mattress this boy's pristine arse is fully exposed for severe fucking and punishment.


 ADDED 16 Nov 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 15:20 78 Pictures
Ballgagged, cock restrained, body pegged, electroshocks to balls and cockhead, fucked with a vibrator while in torturous restraints, made to deep throat cock in gratitude, soaked in icy water, choking restraint.

We target the most sensitive parts of Billy's anatomy to fully break him. After icing Billy's nipples they are firm, perky and ready to be pegged. His nut sack is tied so his plums look fulsome and tight. His silky foreskin is pegged to display his cock head. Electric shocks are delivered to his most tender parts.

While tears drip down his burning cheeks, Adrian fucks him with a vibrator. Now that we've warmed his body up we cool him down by dowsing him in ice water. We tie a rope around his neck, weigh it down and leave him so that with gagging breath he begs for us to return.


 ADDED 14 Dec 2011 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 18:16 86 Pictures
Handgagged, rope-tied, caned, bastinado, cruel psychological games, excrutiating CBT with hot wax, nipples and body pegged, flogged till his back and arse glow red

Billy thinks he's had enough and tries to get away, but we hold him down, spread his legs apart and tear off his pristine white shorts so his beautiful hairy arse is fully accessible.

He's treated to a vicious session of bastinado. Then strung up his sensitive nipples and body are pegged. When Dave gives him a wicked lashing none of the pegs are allowed to come off.

Subjecting this proud straight stud to psychologically cruel games reinforces the brutality we inflict upon his body driving in the understanding that he exists solely to sexually serve men.


 ADDED 8 Feb 2012 Topped By Derek Video 19:08 93 Pictures
Arms restrained, humiliated while made to strip himself, flogged, insistently groped, arsehole fingered, taught to suck cock, butt plug, given his first enema and made to shoot it out.

Cocky straight cunt Billy is the son of a Russian oligarch. Raised in a life of wealth and privilege.

Teacher belittles and shames the proud hetero making him awkwardly strip while being bound. Bent over his tender arsehole is revealed with his arse cheeks being yanked open. Teacher violently plunges his finger up his hole while Billy pleads for him to stop.

Billy is alarmed and terrified when he feels his arse being filled with water. Fully naked and kneeling he's given a lesson in how to arouse a man by sucking him till he's good and hard. Only when teacher is satisfied is the plug released and Billy is ordered to shoot the water out of his hole.


 ADDED 22 Feb 2012 Topped By Derek Video 13:39 77 Pictures
Breath control with cigarette smoke, tighty whities cut to shreds, relentlessly tickled, testicles secured in ball crusher, sounding, foreskin clamped, fucked with a vibrator on a stick, nipples pegged, hot wax dripped on his cock, drenched in piss.

Splayed out with his handsome fit body on show his sadistic teacher has a burning urge to ruin him inside and out. Derek blows smoke into Billy's lungs bringing a level of intimacy between the two men which disgusts the straight lad.

Billy watches helplessly as his worst nightmare is enacted upon him where his tormentor penetrates his his tight arse. His proud hetero cock is treated to a gruelling session of pain and humiliation as Derek then drips burning hot wax down his shaft, mercilessly tickled and covered in hot stinking piss all over his perfect face.


 ADDED 7 March 2012 Topped By Derek Video 10:05 65 Pictures
Legs and arms shackled and suspended to the ceiling, made to rim male arsehole and suck teacher's cock while looking at his face, arse flogged, ballgagged, balls and arsehole given electric shock, fucked hard, pained face covered in cum.

Bound on a dirty mattress the privileged boy has no choice but to obey as Derek plants his sweaty manly arse over Billy's trembling lips. Billy is ordered to lick his hole and take a mouthful of stiff dick.

Billy's tender arse is given a good lashing then electric shocks to his arsehole, making Derek very excited and hard. Billy's arsehole is broken wide open as Derek viciously fucks him. The pleasure of ruining this sweet young boy overwhelms Derek making him blow his load all over Billy's weeping hot face.


Smooth young Billy may have the face of an angel but it masks a horny straight boy with a voracious sexual appetite.

Unable to sate his ever-hard youthful desires with just girls, Billy wants to experiment, try new things and see just how far he can take his fledgling kinky side.