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  Artur trained for years as a gymnast which has given him a lean, finely-muscled body with a strong core. When we ask him to demonstrate his athletic skills we trick him into being fully bound and at our mercy. We rigorously punish this sexy hetero beating his arse till it blazes red, filling his virgin arsehole and covering his face with cum!  
27, Crane Operator

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 ADDED 29 August 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 22:50 99 Pictures
Gagged, wrists and ankles bound, nipples clamped, arsehole teased, fingered and filled with a buttplug, flogged, caned and paddled, taught to display his arse, cock and balls tied, CBT

It's exciting to see such an innocent naïve guy tied up and stripped so his strong body is available to whatever depraved sexual things we want to inflict upon him.

Ordered to grind his tight straight arse against a man's crotch to give him a big hardon, that perfect young arse is flogged until it shines an angry shade of pink, actively pushing his arse out and respond to getting a man's finger slid up his slutty rectum. Dave takes possession of Artur's pendulous cock and suspends it to the ceiling with a weight. He keeps his emotions carefully guarded, but with some paddling to his sensitive arse and CBT he's madly hollering into his gag while his face goes purple with rage.


 ADDED 12 Sept 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 19:21 99 Pictures
Smacked around, put on a leash, boot licking, human ashtray, whipped, ball gagged, handcuffed, made to display his arsehole, fucked, cum inserted up his arse, balls clamped in a humbler, face covered in sperm

Apparently Artur thinks he's too good to hang around crawling naked on the floor and submitting to dominant men. But this sub isn't going anywhere until his new masters are done with him. Taught that being submissive is a test of endurance, he's strained to breaking point to serve the men who keep him.

Every lick of the boot, crack of the whip and thrust into his tight hairy cunt reminds him he's only here to sexually serve the men who keep him. He moans piteously as his arse is pounded hard. A fresh load of cum is emptied onto his hole and driven into his anal cavity with a dildo.


 ADDED 28th November 2012 Topped By Dave & Adrian Video 23:17 92 Pictures
Arms bound, groped, ballgagged, made to sniff and nuzzle male crotch, arsehole fingered, cock fondled, aggressively fucked with a vibrator, nipples squeezed, cock and balls tied and weighted

Hetero Artur has been fully turned into an obedient object for male pleasure. The slim muscular man is tied so he can be pervily groped by Dave. His weighty dick and balls are roughly squeezed through his trackies. While bound Artur is made to awkwardly strip himself down to enhance his embarrassment. Adrian seizes his dick wanking him and roughly fingers his tight hairy cunt. While holding him in his arms he shoves a dildo up his hole so he can fully feel the strong masculine man bucking against him. Artur is turned into a helpless beast thrashing on the dirty floor as he's viciously screwed. He's ordered to squeeze his own nipples and does a piss poor job of it so Adrian has to step in and wrench them so hard the bastard moans and drools piteously. His nuts are tied up so tight and weighted off so that they balloon out while he's being fucked.


Artur trained for years as a gymnast which has given him a lean, finely-muscled body with a strong core. If it weren't for an injury and lack of money he might have one day competed in the Olympics. Now he's eager to explore sexual kinks. The healthy athletic lad is firmly heterosexual but with his frisky nature he's up for new things.